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Thread: Uncashed check

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    Question Uncashed check

    What is the name of your state?NY
    Hey there..I know it's a long shot but here it is...I was going through some paperwork today and found two checks from a company I no longer work for. One of them was from 08/02 for like 88 bucks and the other one from 05/03 for 90. On the check it says "void after 180 days". I called them and found out that there is "nothing thay can do". They explained to me that I failed my end of the bargain by not cashing them and basically I am SOL. What do you guys think..? I realize it was an oversight on my part..just wanted another persons opinion.Thanks a lot.

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    In my state you'd be SOL.

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    Of course there is something they can do. They can reissue the checks. The explanation they gave you is one of the stupidest I've heard.

    Every state has escheat requirements in which unclaimed property must be forwarded to the state. In New York, the time limit is three years, so unfortunately in your particular case you are going to have to deal with the company.

    Reissuing old uncashed checks in a pain for accounting, but they should have contacted you long before this about why the checks were still showing up as outstanding on their bank account reconciliations.

    I would send them a letter demanding (nicely) that they reissue the checks. If they don't, I would contact the state Dept. of Labor to see if they can do anything for you. If they can't, you may need to sue them in small claims court.

    Personally, I don't understand how people "forget" to cash paychecks. But having been in payroll for over 25 years, I know it happens. That's one of the reasons employers like employees to use direct deposit.

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    One other thing I thought of over the weekend. Are you sure you did not report these checks as lost or stolen and they have already been replaced? I've had employees try to have old checks reissued and upon research, find out that they already had been. Not accusing you here, just asking.

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    thanks patty

    hey patty, thanks so much for your advice. The checks I found were very small (still my money, I know..) comparing to what I was getting paid and they were for extra hours I worked. I must have put them aside thinking "i'll get to them later"..Later became 2-3 years later while reorganizing my file cabinet...I did not report them stolen, or anyhting like that. The company is based out of NJ (it is a national laboratory) ,the checks were drawn up in Jersey, but I live and work in NY and I am not sure which state dept. to contact. (although i think it would be NY) I figured they would reissue the checks subtracting some administrative fee (providing I send them a copy of the checks )and that would have been it. It really is OK if I dont get the money-I realize I made a mistake . I'm sure the Big Lab Company needs it more than me.. I will make a call though, just to be sure..Thanks again for your help. Take care

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