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    Unemployment for Reduction of hours in PA

    What is the name of your state (only U.S. law)? Pennsylvania

    My employer has recently cut me back from 40 hours per week to 32. This is a significant cut in wages. I know I have no action against the employer from an employment standpoint. But does this reduction in hours qualify for Unemployment. I am going into work tomorrow to discuss this with them (as I saw the weekly assignments for next week tonight) And I would like to know that if it comes down to it I can threaten/mention unemployment to get my hours back. The company is not having economic hard times, and I constantly get stellar reviews. They are just starting to hire too many people, and many employees that have been there awhile are getting a reduction of hours.
    Thank you

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    Don't threaten, just file.

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    ideally i'd like to not have to go through the hassle of filing. Sometimes when an employer knows they won't be able to get away with something, they won't do it. So I keep my hours and they don't have to pay part of my unemployment and everyone is happy.

    So does that mean I can file in PA?

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    Only the state can say if this will be a significant enough reduction for UI benefits. But threatening the employer with ANYTHING to get your hours back is a very, very, very bad idea and could quite likely get you fired. Unless you have a bona fide, legally binding contract or CBA that guarantees the number of hours you are scheduled for, it is the employer's decision how many hours you work and he does not have to justify the reasoning to you or get your permission or approval. If he has too many people and you go in with guns blazing over something you have no legal standing to "blaze" over, he might just decide he knows where there's one employee too many and make it easier for you to get UI by cutting your hours to zero. And it would be completely legal, too.

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