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    We did not get paid the correct wage.

    What is the name of your state?Minnesota

    I am a teacher. I am also the building union representative. We are having a pay problem. We are often asked to subsititute teach for teachers who are gone. Our contract clearly states that we are to receive $20.69 PER CLASS when we substitute teach. Each class period is 45 minutes long.

    Our contract also states that we are to receive $20.69 PER HOUR when we have additional duties (curriculum writing, meetings outside of our regular work day, etc.).

    We just received our checks for substituting and extra duty that cover December through February and many of us have been shorted on our pay.

    Here is a simple example of what happened: A teacher subbed for two class periods. The teacher filled out an extra duty pay form and put down 2 class periods at $20.69 each for a total of $41.38. When this person got paid they were paid $31.04. Someone changed the pay requests to show the time worked, instead of the number of class periods worked. Since two class periods equals 90 minutes, the teacher got paid for 1 1/2 hours instead of 2 class periods.

    This had never happened previously, but we have new administration that is interpreting the contract differently than previous administration.

    There are also cases where someone subbed for 30 minutes of a 45 minute class and were paid for 1/2 hour of work. Should that person be paid for working 1/2 of an hour or 2/3 of a class period?

    Any legal suggestions or advice would be appreciated.

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    The answers to your questions are going to be found in the contract, not in the law. I have two suggestions for you; you can do both - they aren't mutually exclusive:

    1.) Grieve the matter through your union
    2.) Take a copy of your contract to a local attorney for a third-party interpretation.

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