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    Arizona slayer statute

    What is the name of your state? Arizona
    My sister-in-law was murdered by her estranged husband on Dec. 26th, 2003. Husband was identified by a victim he also tried to murder on same night, as well as victim's 911 call before she died. Thanks to our continued efforts, husband was finally apprehended in Feb. 2004. During his days on the run, his mother literally looted the couples residence taking everything from the refridgerator to the beds, leaving only trash. She has also taken a computer that belonged to the victim andgave or sold it to her daughter. A.R.S. 14-2803 states husband forfeits all benefits with respect to the decedents estate. How can I legally obtain all property back? My mother-in-law is personal representative of victims estate and currently has major property in probate and has asked me to help in this matter. Local police will not help to get back property, and I have found out where computer is, which police admitted should have been taken for evidence purposes (could help prove premeditated murder). Other property is in Suspects Mothers possesion.

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    Go directly to the District Attorney. Something is fishy if the police won't go after evidence.

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    Thanks for reply Dandy Don.
    The police have said that while they should have taken computer for evidence, they weren't obligated lawfully to take it. Detective said good police work should have taken computer and he doesn't know why it wasn't, but to do anything about it now they need the prosecuting attorney to request it, which would have been impossible to do since he had no idea the computer existed until we finally were able to talk to him, and that's when we learned that the recorder for 911 was not working at the time the victim called and implicated her husband. I'll keep climbing the ladder until I get some satisfaction.

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