What is the name of your state (only U.S. law)? Oregon resident, California trust.

My grandmother died in late 2007 and left a trust with my mother as the trustee. The trust stated that nothing was to be distributed until 7-25-10 when the youngest beneficiary turned 25. My little brother and I were to receive 40% each (our deceased fathers share) and our cousin and her son were to receive 10% each. As of 11-16-10 my brother and I have received about half of ours and the cousins have received all theirs. We were told that once the release paper was signed we would get the final check, but now my cousins are refusing to sign theirs and the trust att. will not release the funds to us. I was originally told that there was a dispute clause stating that anyone disputing any figures automatically forfeits their share. One of the cousins has already cashed their check but her son hasnt. I dont believe they have disputed anything but they refuse to return phone calls and texts from the trustee and have not returned the release papers to the att and my mom says this could take years more. On top of that the att. hasnt returned any calls to me since june 2010. Basically I get the feeling since day 1 its a "your 800 miles away, go f yourself attitude"

Questions we are confused about (sorry for so many):
Is refusing contact or refusing to signing release papers considered disputing the trust?
Are dispute clauses real, possible, or a complete load of bs? (I dont trust the trustee)
Is it legal for them to accept the money and cash the check while disputing and not signing the release?
Why can the att hold my funds after my brother and I signed but the cousins didnt?
Is it right that all Att fees, accountant fees, bank fees, etc. (so far about 15% and climbing while in dispute) come out of mine and my brothers shares while the cousins shares remain untouched?
Should all of this had been handled during the 2 years that we had to wait for the trust to be released or is it normal for these things to take months or years to settle?
If I request or demand mine can the att or trustee still hold it?
Does the Att or trustee have the right to withhold any bank statements or documentation on the trust, or any info on what has already been distributed?
At this point is hiring my own att my only option? (not exactly affordable at the moment)

Any help would be greatly appreciated as neither me or my wife have any experience with trust funds or wills.What is the name of your state (only U.S. law)?