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    maxie Guest

    Copy of will and trust agreement

    What is the name of your state? Florida. My father passed away 14 years ago. My sister and stepmother are co-executors of his estate. I am a beneficiary. My sister has told me many times that she would send me a copy of the trust agreement but never has. He died in St Petersburg, Fl, Pinellas County, on 1/24/90. Can I get a copy of the agreement and will from the probate court? Do I have to have permission from the co-executors? Thank you.

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    Do you think the will was probated back in the 1990's or is it being probated now?

    It's very odd that you are just now asking for information about this probate--why didn't you check earlier?

    Yes, you can contact the county to get information about the will and the estate--ask for copies of every page in the file so you can get an overview of how the entire estate was handled. It's doubtful that they would have a copy of the trust on file at the court but you can ask anyway--states differ in their procedures on whether they handle trusts or not.

    The executor may or may not know about the trust--it is the trustee you should be asking for a copy of the trust and you need to ask the executor who the trustee was. The fact that you have not been given your copy or any beneficiary check from the will or trust is very suspicious and leads one to believe that you may have been stolen from.

    Send me an e-mail message with the name of the decedent and the date of death so I can check some online sources to see what information might be available.

    DANDY DON IN OKLAHOMA (tiekh@yahoo.com)

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    maxie Guest

    Copy of will and trust agreement

    Florida. Thank you for your response. I know little about the law. My sister is the lawyer. She and my stepmother are the co-executors. Are all wills probated? I was told in 1990 by my sister that the trust agreement was set up for my stepmother to receive everything. When she dies, the estate would be divided 4 ways, me and my 2 siblings and my stepbrother. My stepmother is only a couple of years older than me and will probably outlive all of us. That's a good thing for her, of course, and my father should have taken that into consideration. However, he was so sick at the end, and there were many attorneys coming to the house to have him sign papers. Who knows what really happened during that time. I am the oldest sibling but was not as accepting of my father's new wife as my sister 'seemingly' was. Therefore, I was not made a co-executor and was never given copies of any paperwork. As for my 'just now asking about this information', after I got over the initial hurt I just tried not to think about it. What's done was done. But I have always been curious about the whole transaction. Just lately I've had time to go online to do some research but came up empty. In this case, the executors do know about the trust, and I suppose the attorneys are the trustee, not the court. ** I emailed you last night re my father's name and date of death. ** Thank you for your assistance.

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