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    Inheritence of Firearms (illinois)

    Been searching the internet and cant find an answer so maybe someone on here can help. From what I can tell the laws regarding the inheritance of firearms are in the grey area.

    My father died in 9/2012, he had a small collection of guns which he verbally told me I was receiving when he passed away. He had a will but me nor my sister were named in it. From what I can tell, in Illinois, if you inherit a firearm you have 30 days to apply for a FOID card to legally posses them. Some websites say 60 or 180 days and there are some things that can delay this. In my mothers case, she simply is too lazy to send in the application. Neither she nor my sister have any use for the items and I want to legally take ownership before the lady goes crazy and decides to sell them to pay bills since she is unemployed. I have written down the makes/model's and serial numbers for the ones that are most accessible. I am also a licensed FFL dealer, that may help with legal transfer but not sure if that will help me legally take ownership.

    Has her lack of actions in any way opened a loophole that I can take advantage of?

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    Who has possession of the firearms at this time? Were your mother and father married to each other at the time of his death? How did his will address his possessions? Was will submitted for probate? How/why do you feel you inherited the firearms?
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