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    garber Guest

    Unhappy Left 1 dollar, fathers realestate in probate can I contest

    What is the name of your state? Michigan My father left me a dollar, and the rest of the estate to my 3 siblings. However he did not sign the real estate over to them, the deed is still in his name and is now going to probate. Can I contest the will , since the property is now in probate? Can I fight to receive one fourth of the value of the real estate? Would it be worth it?

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    nextwife is offline Senior Member
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    First, how was the property titled? Was it in his name, with a joint tenant, in a trust? Second, was the real estate NOT addressed in the will?

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    Dandy Don is offline Senior Member
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    Would not be worth it to contest. The dollar is all that you are going to get. You have no legal grounds for a contest, and the fact that he left you only a dollar is a commonly known tactic to disinherit beneficiaries that for some reason fell out of disfavor with the decedent.

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    My response:

    Dandy Don is correct. Spend your dollar wisely, and for heaven's sake, don't spend it all in one place!

    As a sidenote, I dig Dandy's use of the word "gonig".


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    garber Guest
    I was told by a lawyer that if the real estate property was going to probate that I could contest the will since the deed was never changed.

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