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    What is a letter of testimony? A widowed grandmother has died without a will, having only a checking account in her name only with $1000. The bank says they need a death certificate and a letter of testimony.

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    "Letters Testamentary" means a court order stating that someone is authorized to act.

    The bank is being hard-assed and is probably wrong. Go to an officer and explain the situaion. See if the officer can help you.

    I'd bet your state has a process for simplified administration of small estates, which often require only an affidavit as to who the next of kin are, whatthe assets are, and that all next of kin consent. That is taken to the courthouse and routinely approved by a clerk.

    So, go to the probate court and ask the clerk for the forms, explain that there is only $1000 to her name and only one bank account, and you may be pleasantly surpised.

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