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    Cool Need a will / Disinherited by abusive mother

    I'm seeking advice as to how to have a correct will done as affordably as possible.

    Advice or comments will be welcome,

    Thank you, julieah

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    Are you asking how you influence someone to put you in their will?

    To my knowledge, there is no way to do that...well, other than prolonged and enthusiastic butt kissery.

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    Have you actually read your mother’s will or does this come to you only by word of mouth?

    Could it be that this is merely what your mother has told you and it is simply another of her perverse methods of punishing you? Because it is hard to accept that knowing of your poor financial and physical circumstances she would treat you so unkindly.

    But if that is the way the closing chapter in her life should read, so be it. Because the only way her will can be “corrected” (as you put it) is for her, and not you or any one else, to choose to change it.

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    If mom is not yet deceased, there is no estate.

    Who's to say if there will even be any remaining assets after end of life care? You have no idea what the future may bring, how many years of assets she'll be using, how much assisted living will be needed, if there will be extraordinary medical of pharmacutical expenses, etc. You are PREsumming mom will have leftovers after all her creditors are paid, and that is often not the case. I see many, many insolvent estates.

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    Are you thinking you can write your mother's will for her? Or are you saying you want help writing your own will to disinherit her back? She can do whatever she wants with her money. She's under no obligation to leave you anything at all.

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    Thank you for the input,

    No, I'm not trying to 'write' my Mother's will. I do believe my siblings had some influence in my disinheritance, though.

    The Will I intend to write is my own. It's something I've put off but now due to afore mentioned circumstances, my Will needs to be done because I want my family removed in all capacities.

    As for the disinheritance story being another way to be abusive, that's a good point and a possibility.

    BTW ~ I've never counted on the 'Estate to be' as a resource and wouldn't be thinking about it or even asking about any legal rights, if one sibling hadn't brought all this up last week. My siblings do seem to be counting on what they see as a resource so they may end up disappointed.

    After muddying the water with my disinheritance issue, my primary question is about how to have a valid Will done as affordably as possible?

    Sorry for wasting everyone's time on my family issue!

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    my primary question is about how to have a valid Will done as affordably as possible?
    Really depends upon the complexity of your individual situation (total estate value, single/married/divorced, kids, etc). If simple situation and aligns to some of the simple standard will packages, you can get it done cheap. Want/need to do something custom, see a lawyer for an estimate.

    I would however, consider doing what I'll call a complete estate plan package. A will, depending on your situation possibly a trust, a POA in case you are incapacitated and need someone to manage your financial affairs, and a HealthCare POA and Living Will to manage your medical affairs.

    Most lawyers have a number of shell packages that they use/re-use and customize as necessary, so it may be pretty reasonable. Talk to a couple lawyers, and see what they recommend for your situation.

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