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Thread: stolen trust

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    stolen trust

    My grandparents set up trust fund accounts for their grandchildren, I only know this from a slip of the tounge from a cousin. When I asked my father about it, he told me that it doesn't concern me, and not to think about it or ask about it again. I was on medi-cal, and my case was deemed ineligible due to the fact of dividends that had been taken from the account. I then questioned my father again, and he gave me $2,000. I was pregnant, and needing health insurance later on, and I was eligible for it again. So I am thinking now that my father may have done something to it to take my name off the account. How can I find out how much money was in there to begin with, and possibly filing a suit against my dad for fraud?

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    "Trust fund accounts" is not a clear term. It can mean any number of things.

    How much do you actually know about these accounts? Were they established before your grandparents passed away? Were they created under the terms of a will?

    As a start, you could check the probate case file at the probate court in the county in which your grandparents resided.

    Since you say that MediCal deemed you ineligible due to the dividends, somehow the account(s) are associated with you. Don't know MediCal procedures, but maybe you can pry the account information from them.

    Do you file income tax returns? Call the IRS to ask how you can obtain 1099 forms issued to you.

    If all else fails, consult with an attorney about writing a nasty letter to your father.

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    If there is an actual TRUST document where the money came from, you need to talk to a trust attorney to find out what your state law (you didn't say what state applies) says about whether trust beneficiaries can send a certified letter to the trustee asking for a copy of the trust and an annual accounting statement.

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    Guessing CA......I ran across this in searching for my own answers.....[url=http://www.scselfservice.org/probate/prop/TransferringTrustProperty.htm]Probate Court Administering a Trust After the Settlor's Death[/url]

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