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    Unhappy want to borrow against inheritance

    What is the name of your state (only U.S. law)? CALIFORNIA I'm trying to find out if you can borrow or make a loan against an expected inheritance. We have already received a partial payment ($10,000) but the house has yet to be sold. house's value $500,000. we called the estate lawyer but he told us to be patient. they want a better price for the house but we need money to pay our bills. I was laid off because of the recession, and we're behind on our rent. I need some real advice here. please someone help me out and point me in the right direction.

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    Yes, it is possible. You will pay through the nose to do so.

    What kind of direction are you looking for? Google a few terms like "inheritance advance", "inheritance loan"....

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    so, what happens if the house isn't sold for a year or two or more? How do you expect to pay back the loan? The lender isn't going to wait forever and the amount you inherit is surely not guaranteed.

    be very cautious with this. It may cost you a lot more than you expect.

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    Are you the only beneficiary? Who hired this "estate attorney"?

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    How much is your debt in total? Is it more than the $10,000 you have already received?

    Do you know what your EXPECTED inheritance is going to be and is that a realistic figure?

    Get a loan from a bank or credit union at normal interest rates. If you sell off your inheritance to one of those inheritance buying companies, you will only get paid a third or less of its true value.

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