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    Zealot Guest

    Disability Lazy Eye

    What is the name of your state? Texas

    I've been unemployed for 3 years living at home. I have amblyopia (lazy eye) in my right eye. I have all kinds of problems concentrating, focusing to just to make it through the day. Holding a job is very hard in this state of aggitation. I've been through all kinds of phobias and anxieties that i've keep secret an silent for the longest time. I don't know where to turn to for help. Vision-thearpy is not even an option because I have no way to pay for it. I've tried to apply for medicade but i was turned down because I didnt have children although an illegal alien with children qualifies. I want to know what kind of federal programs can help me. I feel cornered in chronic unemployment because of this.

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    1. Poor vision in one eye without detectable cause.

    2. Suppression of the central vision in one eye when the images from the two eyes are so different that they cannot be fused into one. This may be due to: faulty image formation (sensory amblyopia); a large difference in refraction between the two eyes (anisometropic amblyopia); or the two eyes pointing in different directions (strabismic amblyopia). Most suppression amblyopia can be reversed if appropriately treated before age 6 years. Syn: amblyopia ex anopsia.

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    Oh, come on!

    I've had the same condition all my life. It does NOT cause concentration problems and glasses will correct the focusing problem. What's more, even though one eye is 20-20 and the other is legally blind, I don't even need the glasses for close work - distance only. You can't blame your inability to hold a job on that.

    (This site is for legal questions; it is not set up to provide you with access to Federal assistance programs.)

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    Zealot Guest
    Diffrent strokes for diffrent folks. Your circumstances may be diffrent from mine. Well then I'll just take my question and haul the hell on out of here.

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    eyeman Guest
    Zealot has a valid point.

    Although this is a legal advice forum, not a medical one, I will give my professional opinion, briefly.

    No two amblyopia cases are alike. 20/20 is not the sole definition of vision. Also, with one eye being 20/20 and the other legally blind (20/200 or worse), then only one eye has to work - the good one. If this is not the case, then the poorer eye still tries to send the signal to the brain using a lot more effort causing some visual problems. This is as simplified version as it gets, but you get the idea.

    No case is the same, so we shouldn't judge (no pun intended) anyone elses claims.

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