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    Question Employee filing false workmans comp claim

    What is the name of your state? Virginia

    We have an employee who has been out on medical leave since Sept. 23, 05. We received a call the beginning of Nov. from his physician that he was claiming his surgery was a Workman's Comp. claim. He stated he got hurt on Aug. 21, that a tank of argon gas (used for welding) fell over and hit his elbow. I looked into his claim, first realizing that the 21 is a sunday, our company is only open monday thru friday, and he claimed the injury happened here at our loading dock. Then I had he gas company to pull a sales history to see if we could see if gas had even been pick up around that time. Again, they aren't even open on Sundays and we made no purchases from them in the month of august. For the sake of this post being three pages long, we just want to know where we stand. Can you fire an employee for filing a false claim. he has called in here verbally abusing other employees b/c he feels he should be getting paid. Upon leaving for surgery in Sept., other than him calling in and cussing people, we have no clue when he is suppose to be coming back to work. Seriously neeed insight on this matter.

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    Turn this information over to your workmen's comp carrier. As for how to treat the employee.... you need to talk with a local attorney who can review ALL the facts.

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