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    babygirljackie Guest

    Angry harassment and workers comp 911

    What is the name of your state


    What do I do if I believe I am being harassed because of an on the job injury?

    Examples of why I believe I am being harassed.

    (1) I have been called in to the boss's office more than usual since I have been going to the doctor for my injury.

    (2) I have been told that he doesn't believe that I am hurt and
    that I am purposely slacking on the job

    (3) Three weeks ago, a co-worker and I were called into the boss's office and told that they wanted us to put out more work than we have been doing. When my co-worker was excused, I was asked to stay. While there my boss said it wasn't fair for me to be getting a full bonus (I have been getting full bonus since Aug. of 2000 because I have always done my best) if I couldn't do more because of my injury. There has never been a quota since they started the dept in Jan of 1998.

    (4) On May 31, I was called in to the bosses office and told I was being moved to a different position because it would probably be easier for me. On yesterday I was called into the boss's office again and told that since I was moved, the lady that works on the side of me numbers were going down. I asked what that had to do with me. I was told that he could stop the bonus if he wanted to and that he didn't have to pay everyone 100% bonus if he didn't want to. He said it isn't fair for some people to carry the load and others make money off of them. I told him that I was giving a 100% every day and if they thought I wasn't doing my work for him to do what he had to do. I also told him that I feel that I am being harassed by him for calling me in the office all the time and telling me all kind of stuff. He told me that he hasn't broken any laws and he can do what he wants.

    I am so stressed out and depressed that I just feel like giving up.
    What can I do to protect myself from a hostile work enviroment?

    I would like to add that the floor supervisor is the one that tells the boss the lies about me because she doesn't like me.

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    Littlered33 Guest
    You did not say if you are still under Doctors care and if you are do you have any work restrictions? If you are still under a Drs. care I would have him give me a letter stating any type of restrictions..This would be your first step..

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    babygirljackie Guest

    Yes, I am still under Doctors care and no I don't have any restrictions. I am trying to work without restrictions for as long as I possibly can because if the Doctor gives me any restrictions I will be layed off or terminated. I wanted to go back to work to see if I could do the work before my position was taken from me. But I know that eventually that I probably won't be able to sew that much longer. I am waiting for the insurance company to authorize a MRI so we can know exactly what we are dealing with.

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    do you have a comp lawyer, I really think if you don't your first step would be to get one. no matter how nice you think your employer is treating you. beware when it comes to on the job injuries.

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