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Thread: Illness at work

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    Illness at work

    What is the name of your state (only U.S. law)? California
    Last week, I wasn't feeling good at work. I told the manager on duty that I was not feeling good. I her to let me go home but she declined. After about an hour and a half, my co-workers were telling me that I didn't look good. After asking her a third time to let me go home she once again declined. A few minutes later I passed out and was taken to the emergency room. Now I have a 9,000 USD hospital bill. Should my employer be held responsible? I am a waitress and work for a large restaurant chain.

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    how is your employer respnsible for the bill? Are you saying that if you went home you would not have been ill any longer? That you would not have passed out?

    What was the diagnosis at the hospital?

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    In some way your employer may have some liability. But saying directly that your ER can be directly liable and responsible for your medical bills is not all too safe to assume. There may be employment law infractions committed that needs to be ventilated. Why don't you confer with a lawyer to give proper light to your predicaments.

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