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    Question Permanency hearing w/comp, ??

    What is the name of your state? New YOrk State

    I have a classification (permanency) hearing this week. One of my doctors state I have a perm. marked disability, another states I have a perm. high partial, am not able to work and he doubts I will ever be able to have gainful employment again. A third doctor of mine, a chiro, states I am total.

    The insurance carrier had me see their dr, he states I have a perm marked disability.

    What should I expect to happen at this Hearing? Can they possibly cut my benefit because I am not looking for work? (I am not able) I've heard some real nightmares.

    At any other hearing I've had, I was never represented by one of the firms partners, this time I was told I will meet with the senoir partner right before the hearing. Does this mean this hearing is more difficult?!

    I still need much more medical treatment, possibly additional surgery. Could they try to stop my medical coverage?

    Thank you

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    What you are experiencing is common when there are doctors' opinions in dispute about the degree of permanent impairment you have. The State will look over all the relevant medical information and will make a ruling as to what degree of PPD you have.

    As to the rest of your questions, you really should ask your attorney. That's why you have one.

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