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    Volunteer work while on workers comp?

    What is the name of your state (only U.S. law)? North Carolina

    Does anyone know if a person on workers comp is allowed to volunteer services (non paid) position in a family business? I am confused about the laws, but know that someone receivng workers comp is not allowed to work for any compensation without loosing all their benefits.

    I believe I understand that if you seek or get employed at all, in any capacity, for any amount of money, they will cut off all benefits. However, my boyfriend has some good days where he does not want to sit around the house. I am wondering if he can come to the office with some of the family members (uncompensated) and retain all of his benefits.

    Currently workers comp has been enrolling him in classes to try to get off the program, but there is no job out there that will allow him even part time to "call out" as often as he may need to when his pain level is extreme.

    Can anyone tell us if he can volunteer without any problems with the comp people, and
    if they can actually force him into a position of some sort that neither he nor the prosepective employer can benefit from.

    Thanks in advance.

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    No laws prohibit his doing this. Whether the WC carrier will have an issue with it depends on your BF's medical status, restrictions, and what type of unpaid work he's performing. FYI, if his doctor has stated he is totally disabled and can't work at all, you can be assured the WC carrier is going to wonder how it is he can perform part-time work.

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    concer w/ beth3....it all depends on what his work restrictions are as given by treating physican.....if he is not sure if a particular activity would cross the line, then he is better off not doing it. I hate to say it, but he needs to "play the part" even if he is having days he feels better.

    If (I am not saying he is) he is doing unpaid work in work in his line of his trade or profession, and the insurance company finds out, he is probably not going to have much of a case for retraining w/ compensation during training.

    Your friend has a voice in what sort of training that he undertakes, he needs to look into it.

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