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    My only recommendation to you is, if you decide to marry your fiancée, you do not surprise her with a prenuptial agreement the day before or the day of the wedding. She should be given the opportunity in advance to go over any agreement with her attorney prior to signing.

    Good luck with whatever choice you make.

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    Quote Originally Posted by John885 View Post
    Yeah.....I'm aware of some of the red flags, now this adds to it. Love is blind sometimes and I'm trying not to be, but the relationship is great in lots of other ways. I didn't have all these issues with my long term ex. We openly gave each other access to everything, she worked, and was always financially responsible. She would have never done something like this. She passed away from cancer a while back and my parents passed away in a car accident a few years ago, so being alone was rough until I met this girl. My family in another state is worried that everything that happened is affecting my judgment but are still supportive. It's tough when I've invested all this time and emotion in this relationship to take it to the point were we have a venue booked to just give up on it......
    VOE - get out now.

    Do you want to invest more time and emotion and then divorce? Because believe me, divorce is more painful than calling off a wedding. You'll get to look through all those financial records and realize what a mess you STBX has made of what could have been a stable financial future.

    Marry a healthy adult, not a child. This chick is acting like a 20 year old entitled child. Find someone closer to your age who has interests other than shopping.

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    OP...your update convinces me even more...bail out time today. Too many red flags .

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    This is not legal advice, but life advice:

    Financial strife is at the top of the list for causes of divorce. If you're not on the same page on both spending and saving habits, you're at a disadvantage from the start.

    If you've not already done so, I recommend sitting down with a therapist to discuss these issues BEFORE you make one more wedding plan. Or, at the VERY least, find a comprehensive list of topics that should be discussed before marriage (google is your friend).

    You've suffered some big losses over the course of a few short years and may not be seeing clearly. I wish you the best whatever your decision, but there may be a day when you look back at what she did and be thankful you found out before you wed.

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