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It was delivered to my brother, who is a postal employee, he did not have permission to open it. It was delivered to my mom's address which is now sold (she died in the last year and my father died at least 11 years ago) and my brother forwarded the mail to his new address. I have not lived at that address for 20 plus years. He open a letter addressed to just me and dropped it off with an orange certified card that had his address on it and put it under the windshield wiper on my car. He lives 10-15 minutes from me. He invaded my privacy and didn't have permission to open. He has not answered text or phone calls from me with information that was needed for paper work. The last time he called me he yelled at me and was trying to bully me.
Are you saying it was registered mail?

Was it restricted registered mail?

It sounds like your brother put in a change of address at your mothers address to forward that mail to his house. That is very common in the circumstances you describe.