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    Robocalling and misrepresenting consumer rights

    A collection agency has been robocalling, and when I answered the calls it would end a few seconds later. I called today and asked when they got my permission for them to robocall. They said that that they do that until first contact or they are told not to. I repeated my question and she said that they hadnít spoke to me until today so I hadnít given permission, that itís legal for them to until I say not to. Not only did they illegally robocall me but they also lied about my consumer rights. I personally do not have recordings of the conversations but I do have my phone records and the phone call between me and them was recorded by the collection agency. Do I have enough to prove their harassment?

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    Read the FDCPA:


    You are free to send them a cease and desist letter.

    But, so far, I don't see that they've done anything wrong.

    And if you, in fact, owe the money, they have every right to dun you for it.

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