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    car leasse cosigner

    What is the name of your state (only U.S. law)? new york

    my ex worked in car dealer, he has bad credit so he ask me to co sign, i co sign for him. but the information the dealer send to the bank they put me as the primary account holder and him as the co signer. can the contract that i sign be voidable. the dealer agent was his friend i didnt even go to the dealer to sign. my ex bring me the paper to the house and i sign them. can these facts be use to get me out of the contract.

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    NO, not as posted , You get to pay for his car if he does not...and it's THere over your head until it's paid off.

    Are you on title or just the finance deal?

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    Quote Originally Posted by odali1404 View Post
    can these facts be use to get me out of the contract.

    Co-signing for a loan just means that you guarantee payment if the borrower doesn't pay.

    Doesn't matter how your name appears on the loan documents.

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    Quote Originally Posted by adjusterjack View Post
    . . . . . Doesn't matter how your name appears on the loan documents. (?)
    Not so! It makes a big difference as to how the OP's name appears on the loan/lease documents. You would do well to study the laws of suretyship and a surety's rights of subrogation.

    Laws that could benefit the OP if she appears in the contract as surety and guarantor, but not as the primary obligor, which according to her, is her present status to-wit: "primary account holder".

    But did she sign a loan for the purchase of the car or a lease/rental agreement? The caption to her post, "Car leasse [sic]cosignor" raises misgivings.

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