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    Fat Shaming by a co-worker

    New Jersey

    Last year, 2 employees made comments to me about being "Fat" ...I reported this to our company GM and they were allegedly "spoken to" about this.

    Few weeks ago, same employee made more comments about my weight and again brought it to my GM and President.
    I have asked my Dr to give me something for anxiety and depression as this has made me very uncomfortable.

    I was informed by both GM and President that this was a case of mistaken identity....they were speaking about someone else and not me
    Which I do not believe - (this happened in company parking lot with no one else around ) and i am forced to see this employee every day...
    my anxiety and stress level is through the roof...and I feel my complain has fallen on deaf ears.

    What can I do?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaymar72 View Post

    What can I do?
    Get some thicker skin and not let the words of others bother you as much, lose weight or find a new job.

    A person's weight does not put them in a protected class that provides them legal protection.

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    This is a problem I know you can handle.

    Sometimes people are mean. It doesn't change your worth.

    You can hold on and if someone judges you, ignore them or tell them off.
    Yes, you may have to assert yourself. You can do it.

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    Unfortunately, you are not guaranteed a harassment free workplace unless it is for an EEOC protected reason, and what you describe isn't. What you can do is of course, look for work elsewhere while still employed here and move on, where you will not have to deal with this co worker again. Or ignore the co-worker, instead of trying to stop them from saying things.

    It is likely that repeated complaints to management will do more to hurt your career here than it will ever go against the other employee you believe to be berating you for your weight issues. Get yourself into some counseling. Seriously, if your anxiety and stress level are "through the roof" just because somebody called you fat in the parking lot, or whispered and laughed as you went by, or whatever they may have done, you need to work on your own issues and anxieties.

    I understand that this may have been very hurtful to you. But do not ever give another person enough power over you, especially with what they say (since any fool with a mouth can say pretty much anything, true or important or not) to take away your peace of mind or cause you to have problems with your livelihood.

    Please, work through this without getting your supervisors involved and making a huge production of it that may cost you your job and will not keep dumb classless mean people from doing things like calling you names.

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