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    Thanks for the explanation, quincy. Although I would imagine that the story of John Smith, the 21 year-old who dated a 17 y.o., wouldn't hold much interest for anyone. In fact, it would seem to be "much ado about nothing." I'm surprised that anyone finds this worthy of discussion, let alone defamation.
    I agree. Wry's story is not all that unusual or all that interesting.

    I suspect that the (derogatory/defamatory) comments posted to Wry's blog were made by run-of-the-mill trolls who found an easy target in Wry.

    Although it could be possible to unmask the anonymous posters with time, effort, money, a John Doe defamation lawsuit, a court subpoena, and difficulty, trying to remove material from the Internet once it has been published and spread to sites based in other countries? That would take even more time, more effort and more money. Even with that, neither lawsuit nor removal is guaranteed to be successful.

    Some battles are worth fighting. Sometimes it is better to shake your head, shrug your shoulders, and walk away from all of the nonsense.

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