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    Some Advice Please?

    All right, because I’m feeling generous: 1. Great that you applied for child support services with the state. What you did is the first step. It opened a case at the State/county level. 2. The intake worker you met with is in the information gathering phase of the case. That means she is...
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    Right??!! I did it in 3 minutes on a phone app a few months back when we bought a new car. Signed the paperwork, added it to our insurance before we drove off.
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    Need help to make sure my son doesn’t get taken.

    Well, stop and take a breath. 1. She is within her rights to refuse to sign the AOP. You can’t force her. So, what you need to do, is file to establish paternity and some form of legal custody. 2. If she is experiencing significant cardiac issues, then you might want to step on it, and...
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    Block grandparents rights in case of death

    You can keep saying how unlikely it is that you both will die before you children reach their majority, and the rest of us can tell you over an over about cases we have Actually Witnessed where just that happened. This is the why for obtaining an actual legal document vs having some sort of...
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    Dog Urination Outside of Apartment Door

    Maybe she broke her foot in three places and can’t. (Maybe I’m projecting a bit. Maybe.) Did you try talking nicely to your neighbor first? You know “before holding a grudge, hold a conversation” and all that.
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    HELP! Child support question.

    Oh, wait, my bad. You agree to all this three months ago? You *might* be stuck with this agreement for a year or so.
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    HELP! Child support question.

    Child support 101: Child support is fluid. If circumstances change, parents’ incomes change, child enrolls in/withdraws from daycare or school, then child support can and should be looked at and possibly modified. In fact, nearly every state has provision for periodic review. Stop being so...
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    Insurance coverage

    Glad to be back!!
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    Insurance coverage

    I think OP is hoping that the math would benefit them in the following manner: $1000 Bill $500 primary ins Leaving $500 to be split 50/50 She could then submit that to ex at the 50/50, and still submit her potion to the secondary insurance and then not have to pay anything, or the new spouse’s...

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