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    Insurance Company Not Settling Claim

    Be careful what you wish for. The claim ideally will just go away of its own accord with the expiration of the statute of limitations. If you or your insurer were to push the driver and s/he files suit, you'd likely become involved in litigation that will cost you FAR more in terms of time off...
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    Ignoring an injunction

    What you really want is to stop the trucks from returning permanently. That you have an injunction is critical as judges get ticked off when anyone violates an injunction. If you retained a lawyer to get the judge to grant the injunction, that same lawyer would be in the best position to...
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    Wells Fargo won’t let me work from home

    For an employer to discriminate based on one's length of service is not a prohibited classification, and normally would not be actionable. It's not inherently unreasonable for an employer to grant longer tenured / more experienced people greater privileges, and it's usually the case that they...
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    Contractor insurance fraud

    It would seem as if there is far more than a sufficient amount of money at stake -- in terms of the liens against your homes and the potential charge for the contractor's legal fees -- for the homeowners to chip in and retain a lawyer to advise the group and represent your interests. Whether...
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    Trust question

    The situation you've described is one of the major problems with using any commercial bank or trust company. Even if the bank or trust company was terrific at the time your father selected it, and was an outstanding investment manager, and there were wonderful trust officers who your father...
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    Have Will, How to Advise Sole-Beneficiary to File Probate

    Even though you have a Will, and you plan on leaving everything to one person and that person also will be the executor, it may make sense to consider what assets you may own that are NOT held in your own name that might be payable on your death. For example, life insurance benefits are paid to...
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    Insurance claim

    My sense is that the driver had limited property damage coverage, and his/her insurance company doesn't want to risk paying out more than the amount of the maximum amount of that coverage given several claimants -- you, the city, the other parties, etc. So in the meantime you are forced to wait...
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    spouse out on bail, can I keep her from taking money from our checking account?

    It sounds as if your problem is a lot more significant than merely the money in the existing bank account, and if I had to guess, it is questionable whether your marriage is going to be viable during the coming decade. You may want to make a New Year's Resolution to consult -- on your own --...
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    Can an employer make you sign the following is it legal

    Can't give any advice or suggestions about the content without having read the entire document. What you've not included may be critical and we'd be commenting blindly. For example you may have been injured, or discriminated against, and/or a legal action ready to file and the agreement you've...
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    pre-incorporation agreement

    While any competent adult can make almost any agreement (other than one for an illegal purpose) with any other competent adult or entity, with or without a lawyer, whether or not one should is a totally separate matter. A pre-incorporation agreement sounds as if it would be good to have, and...
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    Progressive Insurance 5000 per Accident liability claims

    I agree with Taxing Matters. While the driver getting out of his car and then back into it and hitting your car clearly sounds as if it's 2 separate accidents, if the driver's insurer continues to deny the claim when dealing with you, your recourse is to either sue the driver who hit you (and...
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    Administrator Intentionally Hid 4 Brokerage Accounts and Just Transferred them to Herself

    In order to transfer title to real estate held in the name of a decedent it is typically necessary to file for "ancillary probate" in each state in which the real estate is located. Although the facts set out are somewhat incomplete and unclear, I assume that the decedent lived in Utah and the...
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    Is this too similiar of a brand name

    I strongly doubt that there would be confusion -- especially if the products were in different lines of business. But file for your own trademark and get real protection.
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    Alimony and Buyout does this sound reasonable?

    I agree with Zigner, as the best deal is one 2 people agree on while avoiding litigation. What I might think is fair would differ from what someone else might think is fair. One thing -- it would be important to hire a lawyer to document the terms of the agreement, and file the essential court...
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    Beneficiary changed after death

    One more point -- the life insurance proceeds come in tax free (in about 99.99% of all circumstances) whereas funds from a non-Roth IRA, 401(k) or 403(b) contain "pre-tax" money and when the funds come out of the tax qualified account become taxable to the person receiving the funds. As to...

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