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    My wife was taken in for mtr

    It sounds as if your wife was assigned a public defender who is a combination of very over-worked, inexperienced or at least over her head, and not very on top of things. Unfortunately that's becoming all to common in many locations as funding dries up because people don't want to pay taxes to...
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    Contractor fraud

    One person's "minor problem" may be another's major one. What you did by paying in full before the job was completed is understandable, but as you know see, was not the wisest thing. I'd suggest that you tell him you're going to hire another contractor to get the problem fixed, and hold him...
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    Issue a letter of administration

    Based upon my long ago experiences with several Surrogates Courts in New York City, how long something takes often depended on exactly who is filing the papers and requesting the clerk to take action. Unless things have changed the clerks tend to respond to and expedite filings by lawyers and...
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    NJ Underinsurance

    You have a claim against the negligent driver for the full value of your damages -- and don't have to stop at the $1,400 you received from Geico (even though that is all Geico will pay) unless of course you signed a general release running in favor of the driver when accepting the $1,400 from...
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    Prescribed Fire

    Not sure I understand what you are asking. 13007 seems to cover the situation in which a person sets a fire either intentionally (i.e. willfully) or negligently (without exercise reasonable care under the circumstances) or in violation of an applicable law or authorizes someone else to do so...
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    Do we need a lawyer?

    As I'm not a Maryland real estate lawyer or a bankruptcy practitioner I'd certainly want to consult with an experienced bankruptcy lawyer long before the date set by the court for the hearing just to understand what's involved and what, if anything, is likely to happen at the hearing, and what...
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    Unemployment fraud

    If you fear that a action you committed was criminal and could result in you being sentenced to jail or prison, yet have not been arrested, and have no reason to believe that the police or another law enforcement agency is about to apprehend you, it is almost NEVER a good idea to just "turn...
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    What’s no fault insurance?

    New York is among the minority of states that allows people injured in an automobile accident to recover the costs of their medical and related bills for injuries sustained while a passenger in a car that is involved in an auto accident in New York, regardless of whether the driver of the car...
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    purchasing property from my dead parents estate

    There are several issues here -- and given that the amount of money involved is $6,000 (which is a fraction of what normally what would d have to be involved to make it financially worthwhile to bring a lawsuit or have any successful lawyer take you on as a client) perhaps the most important is...
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    injured on bus and damaged phone.warning... Long detailed read

    Municipalities in many cities and states have laws that require any potential claimant to file a formal notice of claim in a prescribed manner within a rather short time frame, or be barred from filing suit -- notwithstanding that the state's general statute of limitations is almost invariably...
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    Irrevocable Trust

    Sounds to me as if your mother has been the beneficial owner of the house since 2008. As under California's Proposition 13 (as expanded by Proposition 58) the house (if a principal residence or even if not, has an assessed valuation not in excess of $ 1 million) is not reassessed when...
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    CA laws

    I am unclear as to whether you are asking a hypothetical question -- which I don't waste my time answering -- or something real. As a general rule, unless you were spotted on a speed or traffic light camera (which your city apparently no longer uses -- so no problem) or are physically pulled...
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    Insurance Representative doesn't have authority to release full amount.

    Just a couple of thoughts. As you incurred medical bills, you should make darn sure as to whether or not your auto or health insurance company may have the right to any part of the recovery you collect. Very often an insurance company or government agency that paid for your medical and related...
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    Parent refuses to go to nursing home

    The problem you are grappling with is more of a Senior Care Advice question than a legal question. The problem you are facing is one that many adult children face as parents often don't want to go to a "facility" and prefer to remain in their own home as long as possible -- until "something...
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    Shaving policy

    One thought -- if you are able to assert that the beard or long hair is for deeply held and bona fide religious reasons (e.g. perhaps you are a Sikh) -- then the employer likely would be obligated to offer to make reasonable accommodation.
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