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    What do banks do with money being held in a trust?

    The trust departments of many banks serve as sinecures for friends and family of the bank's management and key shareholders. While there are some extraordinarily talented bank trust officers, the trust department is rarely where the best and the brightest tend to be based. The fee income the...
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    Potential exposure beyond the limits of liability insurance

    At this point it appears that all their insurance company has done is WARN them of the possibility that a claim might exceed their policy limits. While anything is of course possible, they should speak with an experienced personal injury attorney to really assess the likely potential for a...
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    Ex-best friend attempted to commit suicide, family blaming it on me

    I am sorry that you are in the situation you are, and my best advice is to IMMEDIATELY retain a lawyer with whom you can discuss all the facts and all the background in total confidence to determine what your best course of action is, and likely also speak with a licensed psychiatrist or...
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    spendthrift trust

    Others have commented on the feasibility and legality of what the father wants, which is unlikely what the daughter wants. I suggest that if all else fails the father consider trying to apply a version of the Marshmallow Test. I might also comment that asking a 20 year old to wait 15 more years...
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    Landlord sue for not adding him in the insurance policy

    If the landlord required that it be covered as an additional insured under the tenant's comprehensive insurance policy, and the tenant failed to do so, and the landlord suffered injury as a result, the tenant would be liable. Of course if the landlord failed to request a copy of the policy...
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    US equivalent to a deed of variation?

    Just a minor point but for most of us mortals the Federal Estate Tax and Federal Gift Tax is NOT an issue. The Estate tax exemption and gift tax exemption are now $11,580,000, and although there is a 40% tax on amounts in excess of that, few estates are subject to the tax. (True, a gift tax...
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    I do not want check

    Sorry about your loss. Any loss can be hard and you had 2 losses (sister and brother in law) during this pandemic. Given that only $200 is involved, you might consider telling who ever has the funds to send them to the next door neighbor who looked after them as a token way to say "Thanks", and...
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    Lowes Water Damage, which way to proceed?

    Report the damage to your homeowners insurer and Lowes. You want it repaired and make like new. IF there was as much damage as you say, it's hard to believe that quality repairs could be made for less than the deductible unless you had a VERY high deductible.
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    Improper hotel receipt

    You are certainly spending a great deal of time and effort to collect $30 from your employer. While some might claim "it's a matter of principle" -- and I hate tacked on resort fees as well -- were I your boss I would be ticked off and question your judgment and priorities if any of your effort...
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    Beneficiaries living in Mexico

    The problem seems to be a lack of understanding by the person he spoke with. Your fired can name a non-citizen, non-resident as beneficiary of his tax qualified plan. However, Uncle Sam will want to make sure that the money his tax qualified plan -- which presumably has not heretofore been...
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    I live in Minnesota and am named a in Friends DPOA who has no living relatives and has now passed.

    My condolences on the loss of your friend. His sudden and unexpected death is an object lesson for all of us as to the need for at least basic estate planning. Every adult should at least have a simple Will naming those one would wanted to handle our estate, and setting out who should receive...
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    Trustee Stole Insurance Benefits

    Was a Will submitted for probate in California (and/or another state in which he owned real estate)? If so you should have been given notice and an opportunity to object as you are an heir at law. If the Will was submitted who was the named Executor/Personal Representative? Have you spoken with...
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    Attorney's obligation

    If you believe that the estate had assets of any meaningful value, and the actions of the named personal representative are harmful to you or the estate, you need to retain a lawyer who understands how Texas probate (assuming the deceased was a TX resident) is supposed to operate to protect your...
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    Insurance Company Not Settling Claim

    Be careful what you wish for. The claim ideally will just go away of its own accord with the expiration of the statute of limitations. If you or your insurer were to push the driver and s/he files suit, you'd likely become involved in litigation that will cost you FAR more in terms of time off...
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    Ignoring an injunction

    What you really want is to stop the trucks from returning permanently. That you have an injunction is critical as judges get ticked off when anyone violates an injunction. If you retained a lawyer to get the judge to grant the injunction, that same lawyer would be in the best position to...

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