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    Will invalid format

    Or ask for a referral to a medical malpractice attorney. The consult should be free.
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    What do you think about this, fellow FreeAdvicers?

    So she filed joint for 2018, single for 2019 because husband deceased, and in between the two filings the check for $2,400 was sent? I think she will end up owing back $1200. https://www.aarp.org/money/taxes/info-2020/stimulus-check-in-deceased-name.html Not sure why the check was in her name...
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    Access denied to estate property

    Why isn't probate completed after two years?
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    A car backed up into me on the road

    Was the area where you had the accident fairly well developed? If there were businesses along the street they may have security footage of their parking lot and the street in front of it, and many people are having "Ring" doorbell cameras installed which would also cover the street in front of...
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    Home school or online school

    I'm starting to see why his attorney fired him as a client.
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    Backyard Maintenance

    AJ is right. Also building material costs have gone sky-high in the last few months, and if your LL happens to own other properties and those tenants aren't paying and can't be evicted, then she is more concerned with how to pay for the mortgages and do required maintenance on the properties...
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    Home school or online school

    My daughter will be a high school sophomore and she wants to go back. I did explain that the classes and structure would not be the same, she would be in the same classroom all day, lunch would be in the classrooms, very little interaction with her friends, etc. She doesn't care. There is no...
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    The last three days have been a zoo

    Sigh... Merry Christmas to me then...
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    (NC) Can a HOA board member release recordings of an executive session?

    Read the CC&R's. There should be a mechanism for a vote of the full membership to overturn a vote made by the board.
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    Real Estate Note- Hyperinflation Protection?

    Why is bank financing not possible? I've purchased undeveloped land and financed it. Banks don't usually do 10+ year loans on those, it's 20-25% down with a fixed-rate balloon note of 3-7 years because they expect the buyer to build on the property and roll the land loan + construction loan...
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    If a privately sold firearm is used in crime by buyer.....

    That actually depends on the manufacturer/importer, distributor, and retailer. The bigger ones have given the ATF a direct line to their inventory tracking systems so the National Tracing Center (NTC) may get the info on the buyer within minutes if the OP purchased from somewhere like WalMart...
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    Identity thief. Can victim go after criminal in a civil lawsuit?

    This doesn't stop the IRS/FBI/car warranty/etc. overseas scammers because they're in call centers. Their autodialers have an area code & exchange, and run every phone number from 0000 thru 9999. Eventually you'll get called even if you change your number. I don't answer calls from numbers not...
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    No raise after getting promoted.

    True, I did my time working in fast food joints, waiting tables, working retail, etc. during those years.
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    My mom applied in the non filers stimulus check with the wrong address, help????

    That's unfortunate as the IRS is months behind processing their mail. https://nonprofitquarterly.org/10-million-pieces-of-unopened-mail-the-reason-behind-the-delay-at-the-irs/
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    No raise after getting promoted.

    Dalrow the fast food industry provides jobs but not necessarily a good career path. Your son needs to be focusing on obtaining skills that will enable him to get a better job and a start to a career. He doesn't have that now.

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