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    Auto ownership both names on title

    So are you both on the title to both vehicles? Is the vehicle he's driving financed? Can you work out an equity/cash swap where you each get a car?
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    Child Support and Inheritance

    I am sorry for the loss of your father. A one-time inheritance is not taxable income, but as LdiJ pointed out, if you inherit something like an IRA and take minimum distributions over a few years that could affect your income, or if use a cash inheritance to start a business or invest in the...
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    Really? That amount?

    Did you ask your sister for the lists of estate assets, inventory, debts, etc.?
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    Asking a subtenant to move

    As FJ said, you need to provide written notice. Email does not count as written notice. I would also eliminate 90% of what you wrote as irrelevant. This is a business transaction, simply state that as of X date the rent will be $Y. If she doesn't want to pay that much then she can move. It...
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    Child support modification increase

    Have you checked the MDHS web site at https://www.mdhs.ms.gov/child-support/ to see if you can file pro se for the modification?
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    Aunt is being annoying

    Did your mother add your aunt to her Sec 8 voucher?
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    Another option if she claims that she's short and needs to cover something for the kids, is you pay that bill directly. You would still owe the court-ordered monthly amount though.
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    Is entering fake billing info illegal?

    If you ship it to my home you'd have to fill out the 4473 and I would call NICS. If the FBI tells me that I can proceed with the sale then you can have the rifle.
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    Is entering fake billing info illegal?

    The validation can vary based on the settings in the particular vendor's shopping cart/checkout system. As an example when I purchase gasoline I am sometimes prompted for the zip code but not the full billing address on the card. Online systems may be set up for a match on the card holder's...
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    mother is preventing kid from being with his dad

    Why does your ex's parents leaving the state make a difference? Did she move out of state with them?
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    Stimulus check deposited into bank account

    I file jointly with my husband. We received one payment to my bank account as that was the one used to pay our 2018 taxes; we hadn't filed 2019 yet.
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    Relative Claimed My Dependant

    Was there anything in the court records for your custody case that indicate where the child lived and when?
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    What's the situation with the 90 day Mortgage Deferral?

    That doesn't mean that the borrower doesn't owe the money though, just that the court action has been delayed. Same for evictions. If you log in to your mortgage company's payment portal you will very likely find a link to their policy regarding delayed payments due to the pandemic. You will...
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    Wells Fargo won’t let me work from home

    I can't work from home either as there is not enough bandwidth on the VPN for everyone. Only employees at high risk can do it right now, and it'll be at least another two weeks to get the infrastructure in place for everyone. The rest of us are split up into shifts so there are fewer people in...
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    Denied firearm purchase for 2010 restraining order

    The dealer never gets that info. It's none of his business. Go through the appeal process. Unfortunately it's likely to take months to work out. And yes, there is a high likelihood that you are right and it's the RO, and back in 2015 CA may simply have not reported to NICS that the RO...

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