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    no response to verif letter

    What is the name of your state?Florida I sent a creditor a verification letter on behelf on my nephew. (He entered into a contract before he was 18 and now the creditor wants the money.) The 30 days has expired and now they send me another letter stating that "this is our final attempt to...
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    legal age in florida

    What is the name of your state?FL My nephew signed up for a school that was going to help him pass his GED. He went to the florida School of Excellence and signed a paper saying that he would pay $520 for the course. he had the option of making payments of $60 a month until he paid it off. he...
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    Credit Card Company is OUT OF BUSINESS

    What is the name of your state? I'm in FL now but I used to be in CT when I opened this account. I have been in FL for about a month now but my mailing address was changed with them in February. I received my credit card statement from First Consumers National Bank and noticed that I had a zero...
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    verif letter sent and no reponse

    What is the name of your state? CT Hi there. My husband has a telecheck debt on his credit report. They wanted to settle for 50% so I sent in a letter requesting verification on August 7 but I have yet to receive any response. I was just wondering what do i do now. shortly after mailing the...
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    contacting the credit bureaus

    What is the name of your state? CT I am trying to fix my husband's credit. I asked him to try to sign up for a credit card and he was denied. I got the credit report from Trans Union. There is information that has already been paid off but it is still on the credit report. I am writing a...
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    SOL has expired so what do I do now?

    What is the name of your state? CT I received a letter today from a creditor for my husband's acct. the woman said that the last payment that was made on the account was 6/96. The acct isn't even on the credit report. what should i do now. I know CT has a SOL of 6 years. Do i need to write...
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    i told them his work number, did i make a mistake?

    What is the name of your state? ct i was trying to make a deal with a debtor for my husband and gave them my husband's work number. they did not accept what i offered (50% of the debt) are they now going to garnish his wages. is there anyone i can call on see a website where i can see what the...
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    SOL and collection agency

    What is the name of your state? ct my husband has an account that was charged off in 9/1996 as bad debt. we are currently paying them though monthly. were we almost able to tell them that due to SOL we wouldn't pay? did we just mess up royaly or can we still fix this? Please help me!!
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    My husband has a "stipulation" and they say we have to pay 10% interest/yr on balance

    My husband has a "stipulation" and they say we have to pay 10% interest/yr on balance ct my husband was going 2 declare bankruptcy but we decided 2 try 2 pay everyone off. 1 creditor took him 2 court and so he signed a "stipulation" which includes the principal sum, interest to date...

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