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    Employer reneging on promised raise

    Not forms, forUms.
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    Employer reneging on promised raise

    After 7 years of posting, no one's ripped me a new one yet for helping them. If in the future someone does get hurt, I'll deal with it. I don't know how many. UI forums on the internet for appeal hearings and board of reviews.
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    Employer reneging on promised raise

    The people that get UI after being denied after I helped shape their story for a better chance of success would disagree with you.
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    Employer reneging on promised raise

    https://scholar.google.com/scholar_case?case=14515597045795073587&q=diehl+layoff&hl=en&as_sdt=4,39 This one's not that old. Up until this decision, it was long standing precedent in PA that when a claimant voluntarily accepted a severance unless the claimant could show that he was going to...
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    Employer reneging on promised raise

    This isn't a law. It's a concept of what constitutes "good cause." Stop acting like the states operate in a vacuum when it comes to UI. When you find enough states (I found three, and can post two more), that if you have to go to a hearing, board of review, or court, someone is going to...
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    What happens if you are issued a refund to a credit card that puts you "above" your original credit limit?

    My card is a Visa. Walmart would take it. The card treats returns as a payment.
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    Employer reneging on promised raise

    Be convinced. https://twc.texas.gov/files/jobseekers/appeals-policy-precedent-manual-voluntary-leaving-twc.pdf "Appeal No. 452-CA-68. A claimant has good cause to quit a job after the employer assigns her additional responsibilities and promises her a raise and such raise is not forthcoming...
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    What happens if you are issued a refund to a credit card that puts you "above" your original credit limit?

    This is not universal, and it's very much a bank thing. I have a card that treats returns as payments.
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    Employer reneging on promised raise

    If he's content with collecting UI, this is the beginnings of the making of a good cause quit.
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    Sttlement negotiation

    Settlements are about making you whole. They are not winning the lottery.
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    Lump sum vs monthly payments - Pension Package

    I dispute your math here. To have this be the same as #2, you'd have to bank this money using the same 6% interest over the first 25 years. What you propose is to spend the $600/mo, and that unfairly makes option 2 look more attractive, but in option 2 you're not going to have $600 to spend...
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    Unemployment Appeal Hearing

    Your employer's job at the hearing is to prove by a preponderance of the admissible evidence that YOU did it. Do NOT let hearsay go unchallenged. Your employer better bring good documentation to prove what you did, and that it could have only been YOU. Look at the paperwork carefully. A...
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    MCHR/EEOC charge & Unemployment claim.

    You better read your stuff very carefully as to what this next hearing is about. Could be that the HR rep lied, OR tuned you out after the first 8 minutes for the "latter 42" and really was telling the truth that it was never discussed because they didn't remember. The problem I'm having is...
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    Do I have a lawsuit??

    File for unemployment. You might be eligible for partial UI to mitigate your wage loss.
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    Unemployment appeal

    Did you present this before you were denied UI? Did the UI worker say anything like maybe illness isn't a good excuse in Arkansas? It's not a good excuse in Mississippi so it's not a stretch to think that Arkansas has a similar rule. FMLA could be a factor. We had two court of appeal...
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