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  1. CJane

    Relocation out of state and visitation

    What county in MO? Also - HOW do you intend to enforce a no paramour order, should one be put in place? How will you know, without asking your 6 year old and dragging her into the middle of the drama between her parents (and yes, this IS nothing more than drama), whether Mom has overnight...
  2. CJane

    Should I Motion for Change

    Look up the rules for proper service in your state, and follow those guidelines to serve Mom AND the attorney. Then, submit the proof of service for both of them to the court. It's possible that Mom's attorney withdrew, and it's simply not entered into the record since the case wasn't active at...
  3. CJane

    Out of state visitation

    Given the medical concerns, and Dad's lack of consistent time off/consistent visitation over the recent past, I don't see any reason to try and stick to a standard 6 weeks in summer. I would try and work something out so that Dad could fly to/with kiddo during his longer periods of time off...
  4. CJane

    Asking as a step-mom

    Whether or not Mom will need to consent is dependent upon too many factors not mentioned in your post. Foremost among those is whether she was found to be unfit, and that's why visits must be supervised.
  5. CJane

    Supervised Visitation with Felon Father

    If it were me, I'd retain the attorney and refuse to come to ANY agreements. Force a trial, force a judge to decide the case based on the specific facts.
  6. CJane

    What next...Ex-Wife is Never Willing to Accept Kids on Her Possession Period

    Sooo... when Mom "refuses" to pick up the kids on Sunday, what then? Does she get them Monday? Do you take them to school Monday? Clearly, she gets them back at SOME point. Is it an issue for you to have them more, or is the lack of notice the issue? Would a true 50/50 schedule be better for...
  7. CJane

    Moving Out of state with Children

    My case was also in Platte County. I sent my notice in February 2014, notifying X that I was planning to relocate OVER THE SUMMER. So he had something like 5 months notice. He filed to prevent in April, and NEVER served me. I only knew he'd filed because I checked online and hired an attorney...
  8. CJane

    custodial mother passed away fl

    She clearly has a relationship with you and the members of your household. I assume school starts earlier there than it does here (we don't start til next week), but it honestly shouldn't be any more difficult for her to transition to your house NOW than for her to transition to Grandma's house...
  9. CJane

    [OR] Filing for Custody after ex files ERO in KY (After living there one day)

    Exchanging messages online wouldn't rise to the level of adultery, even if you WERE married. Since you're not, it's unfortunate and maybe classless, but it's not adultery. And, since Mom was no longer even in the same state as you when you filed the RO, it couldn't be issued. Restraining orders...
  10. CJane

    Moving Out of state with Children

    The above is wholly inaccurate. This is not to "prevent any harsh consequences", it is outlined quite specifically in statute. This is true, but incomplete. The actual statue says this: "The residence of the child may be relocated sixty days after providing notice, as required by this...
  11. CJane

    Home inspection demand and marriage stipulation

    This, exactly. The child is beyond old enough to be spending uninterrupted weekends (and weeks) with you, in your home, with your girlfriend. You have been visiting your child. It's high time you started parenting your child.
  12. CJane

    CA - Child custody order interpretation

    No, I'm talking about a high school senior. Next year, we'll have a high school junior in the same program. She will also be on a different calendar than her 8th or 6th grade sisters, and will also not be able to visit her mother on the same schedule as those younger kids. In our district...
  13. CJane

    Interpreting visitation: "the entire winter school break period"

    I would interpret the order to mean that the children will be surrendered to their father on the day following the release of school, and that they will return on the day the break ends (so in this case, the Sunday). Schools only mark school days as "break periods", because weekends aren't ever...
  14. CJane

    CA - Child custody order interpretation

    Follow the order for each individual child's school calendar. One of my StepKids will be on a different schedule than all of the other kids this year, even though she is technically a senior in high school, in the same district as the other children. She is going to be in the Running Start...
  15. CJane

    Mother moved out of state.

    Please think more about your daughter than about how it will look to the court. Please show HER that you'll move heaven and earth to have a relationship with her. Don't sit around and NOT visit her because it may or may not have an impact on whether the court punishes Mom. Please.

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