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    Salary employee; company closes for two weeks of the year and employees are not paid for those two weeks

    File for unemployment insurance for those two weeks you are not paid. If you're eligible, one week will be a waiting week, will set up a claim, and the next week should be paid. They'll settle the issue of whether you're considered a paid employee during those weeks.
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    SSI and Social Security

    Don't forget you're going to have to have some type of coverage for health insurance till you're 65.
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    My 14 yr old son expelled indefintly from all schools in. The state of Nevada , is that even leagal ? Do i have a case of discrimination?

    If you cannot get an attorney in your area to take your case on a contingency basis, that most likely means they do not see any potential for any success in your situation. But you're going to have to figure out some way to continue to educate him. A 14 year old boy who has been expelled from...
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    My 14 yr old son expelled indefintly from all schools in. The state of Nevada , is that even leagal ? Do i have a case of discrimination?

    There are certain children, at a fairly young age, and heaven knows there are all sorts, sizes and shapes of 14 year olds, who become such a problem to the schools that they simply cannot be disciplined and dealt with within the scope of the normal public school situation. And in my experience...
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    Custodial Parent unemployed deliberately

    "I suspect there is a great variety in what is available by region, practice and specific training. I have seen many clinical MAs who are required to aid with patient transfer. And that can be back-breaking." Very much agree with the comments above. In most situations, this training and these...
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    Custodial Parent unemployed deliberately

    It sounds to me as though your ex has wandered into the world of "we need to find these people something to do" in regard to retraining. This is the land where they want to put work requirements on all public assistance, and force everyone to have a job, when many times, the jobs just are not...
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    Emotional Support Animal in College Dorm

    The agency that places the ESA should have some resources to help you deal with the questions here. The school's disability center should also be a really good source of information. By the way, what sort of animal is your ESA? Do you have a roommate? Is this a state school? In answer to your...
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    Iowa-evidence for court tomorrow

    Please et us know how the hearing goes, what sort of custody arrangements are in place here, what modifications are put in place.
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    Iowa-evidence for court tomorrow

    What are you presenting, asking for, trying to accomplish in this court hearing? Change of custody, change in visitation? It seems pretty rare to have fleas get only in a child's hair in a way that would mimic or could be mistaken for head lice, we don't really understand. Is the child covered...
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    Did we ever get a state here? Never mind. The person who's not in support groups, cannot show the court something like the 90 meetings in 90 days, who is perfectly sure and confident, even defensive of her extended forever sobriety at six months out, plus refuses to admit she's really ever had a...
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    Wronfully Accused

    Way back at the beginning, you said this: " I don't believe I will be treated fairly and want this off my record." Legally, that's not going to happen. That's legal advice. No matter if this person turned out to be a bad employee, if they were later terminated, it still doesn't change what...
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    Unemployment Appeal was Remanded

    Right now, there's really nothing you can do. Not having seen the case, not hearing all the details, and above all, not being the Illinois unemployment insurance administrators, no one else who is not directly involved can say, "Yes you should" or "No, you should not" be granted benefits. And...
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    Unemployment Appeal was Remanded

    Yes, there are rules and procedures. It is obvious that what the ALJ did was within the scope of these rules and procedures. Okay, they're all against me, they're on the side of the employer, huh? Well, not exactly. What happened was that the employer didn't appear, but from the sound of it...
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    Bathroom situation

    Dano's letter to the transit system is going straight to the trash. There is no legal issue here. No one cares about the hard time this person is going through. Sorry, but that's just the way things are.
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    Emotional Abuse for YEARS!

    We are not going to fight your battles for you here. There's no legal question involved. No advice can help you change this person or "make him listen." You really deep down know this. I am very sorry for you. Obviously, as you say, you are on lots of medication. You are miserable and you are...

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