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  1. Eekamouse

    Expired Probation Violation

    How old is your fiancee? 14?
  2. Eekamouse

    My 14 yr old son expelled indefintly from all schools in. The state of Nevada , is that even leagal ? Do i have a case of discrimination?

    This didn't happen based on one incident with the VP. There's a lot more she isn't telling us that led to this ban.
  3. Eekamouse

    Deadbeat father please help

    Luckily, this isn't about you. It's for your son who deserves to have his dad in his life, even if his dad isn't paying you the price for admission. :rolleyes:
  4. Eekamouse

    Victim of Assault--Libel Issues

    What is the petty neighborhood issue that this person is so upset about?
  5. Eekamouse

    Victim of Assault--Libel Issues

    Your son should have video recorded it to preserve the neighbors actions for all including the police to see.
  6. Eekamouse

    Back child support

    You can't get blood out of a turnip, even more so after the turnip is dead. This is and always has been your mother's fight, not yours.
  7. Eekamouse

    Can I sue a big restaurant corporation?

    What sort of compensation do you think you deserve?
  8. Eekamouse

    Attempt to Harbor and Conceal

    Oh that part is malarky, unless he spent the night out there with her. Of course, the two of them were probably so tweeked out that spending the night hiding in the woods seemed like a really good idea.
  9. Eekamouse

    Attempt to Harbor and Conceal

    So he waited outside while she went in and tested and when the test came back positive for meth, she ran back outside and jumped into his waiting vehicle? That sounds super weird.
  10. Eekamouse

    P.O Issued No Contact Order

    But you both have had cases of your own? His PO must foresee trouble if he's allowed contact with you.
  11. Eekamouse

    Should I turn down misdemeanor probation?

    For true? Then there aren't any conspiracies that are hiding aliens from us? That cam chick on that porn site doesn't love me like she says? These pills aren't going to roll back my aging until I look and feel like I'm 21 again?
  12. Eekamouse

    Should I turn down misdemeanor probation?

    The internet would never lie to us! It is our friend, our oracle, our parent, our God. LMAO!!!
  13. Eekamouse

    URGENT!!! Signed confession Question!

    Why unfortunately? She deserved to be fired. She was ripping them off.
  14. Eekamouse

    California Mandatory Health Ins Law

    I can't afford health insurance and I think it's reprehensible that California is going to punish me for not being able to afford it.
  15. Eekamouse

    hiding from my probation officer after telling them i might self harm

    What type of assistance do YOU think you need?

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