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  1. Eekamouse

    Two filings at once

    Let me get this straight. You don't want your ex to get any money from your settlement but you still think you're stepping up to the plate to be a father to your child? The mother, you say, is in a better financial place than you are so she doesn't need your money? A child deserves to be...
  2. Eekamouse

    Child Support and Inheritance

    How far in arrears are you?
  3. Eekamouse

    Ownership of small property

    If you transferred it to a neighbor, why did it still have your stuff in it? You said the guy went through your things, not your neighbors things.
  4. Eekamouse

    Ownership of small property

    You sold your condo. What made you think you could leave your storage container on the property after you sold?
  5. Eekamouse

    Aunt is being annoying

    You aren't the person leasing this apartment so really, who cares what you want?
  6. Eekamouse


    How is it that you didn't know there were beer cans rolling around in your car? That seems quite unbelievable.
  7. Eekamouse

    My rights as a father

    It's pretty hard to brainwash a newborn. They don't pop into the world knowing language.
  8. Eekamouse

    Criminal case

    If you keep picking at this scab, it's going to take forever to heal and you'll be left with a nasty scar, dude.
  9. Eekamouse

    California another Street sweeper question

    I'm kind of glad you got the ticket if it means you'll leave this state. Don't need any vindictive, petty jerks roaming around tossing boxes of nails out of their vehicles just because they had to pay a ticket they got.
  10. Eekamouse

    Grandma intuition

    What makes you think your daughter won't just run away back to grandma's or whomever's if you try to force her to come back home? You two need to go to counseling apart and/or together to work through this and get your relationship back on a better level. She's probably afraid of living with you...
  11. Eekamouse

    Real estate

    Did you discuss the electricity with her like an adult or did you just stop paying rent to retaliate? Did you contact code enforcement regarding the electricity issue?
  12. Eekamouse

    Mail for red light ticket?

    Did you change your address with the DMV or did you put in a change of address with the post office? The DMV will not be forwarded to your new address unless you change your address at the DMV.
  13. Eekamouse

    My lease says late charges are considered "Rent". Is this legal in a 3 day notice to pay rent?

    Unpaid late fees become unpaid rent if they go unpaid at the time they are assessed. If you can't afford to pay your rent in full or on time, perhaps you ought to seek cheaper accommodations. Do you think it's fair that you keep paying late and the landlord has to wait for you to pay your rent...
  14. Eekamouse

    Some Advice Please?

    I imagine that there is a whole lot more to this situation than what you've written here. Care to flesh out more of the details? You might get a more helpful answer if we have the entire story.
  15. Eekamouse

    Child does not live in state with father but im still paying childsupport

    Well, you don't have her either and she does need to be supported so pay your child support. It was court ordered, correct?

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