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  1. FlyingRon

    Is the will invalid?

    Assuming grandfather made the will and died in California, I wouldn't say the unwitnessed will is useless. It just needs to be proved in court to meet PROB 6110 (c)(2).
  2. FlyingRon

    Waived suvivorship before he filed for divorce

    Waiving survivorship rights are distinct from a general transmutation ofcommunity property. However, your statements are fairly vague, so I'd have to side with Zig that you should take what you signed (and your entire marital situation) to an attorney.
  3. FlyingRon

    Was a quitclaim deed enough?

    A quitclaim is just as good as any other deed provided the grantor actually had the rights that he claims to be transferring. Did you record these deeds? While the deed is potentially valid as soon as it is signed, your rights may be lost if someone records a conflicting deed earlier...
  4. FlyingRon

    Is the will invalid?

    Since the will fails to meet the requirements for self-proving (specifically TWO witnesses, who attest to certain things regarding the person making the will. Since you don't have this, you will need to have the validity of the will determined by the court. This will take an attorney...
  5. FlyingRon

    5th Amendment + University

    And indeed Miranda wasn't even required here though it was given and ignored.
  6. FlyingRon

    Defendant sent answer to my complain in plain/regular mail

    Rule 1A-1.5(b)(2) if the NC General Statutes. Once the suit is in play, things that are required to be served can either be delivered to you or mailed.
  7. FlyingRon

    Assistance to understand the First Departemnt of New york supreme court

    Yep, NY only allows 30 days to make an appeal and I agree with Q, if either of the reasons they gave you were validly ruled upon, there's nothing to appeal even if it were timely.
  8. FlyingRon

    Forming LLC in VA for investment property

    You do it directly with the Secretary of State office: https://sccefile.scc.virginia.gov/NewEntity
  9. FlyingRon

    Forming LLC in VA for investment property

    Virginia is a pretty easy state to start LLCs. I'm fairly sure you can do it online and the fee is minimal (I think I pay $50/year to keep mine going). As TM points out, the harder part is creating the operating agreement that controls how the entity will function.
  10. FlyingRon

    Suing a business for inspection/service

    You don't know what the seller contracted with the service company to do. Looking through ducts (I assume you don't have canards running around in the house) is not usually part of furnace service. You want ducts inspected/cleaned, that's a separate issue. Anyhow, unless he gave some...
  11. FlyingRon

    Ohio Dower Rights

    QUIT claim, not quick.
  12. FlyingRon

    Who to sue in small claims court, multiple car auto accident for rental vehicle cost recovery?

    You should first check to make sure your insurer is going to allow such a suit. You may have agreed to allow them the right of subrogation. Sue them both (individually). However, if they're uninsured and the insurance company is unable to get anything out of them, it's unlikely you will...
  13. FlyingRon

    Sheriff left a notice on our door today. (Los Angeles)

    What will likely happen is that if they try three times and are not able to do personal service, the plaintiff will likely avail themselves of substituted service. You getting the papers yourself does NOT qualify as service. It isn't personal service for sure, and it's not BY ITSELF...
  14. FlyingRon

    Question interrogatories

    Once it's filed, it's public knowledge. If it's settled out of court, one stipulation might be that the results of the settlement be kept private.
  15. FlyingRon

    URGENT!!! Signed confession Question!

    The confession signed under these circumstances isn't likely to mean anything in a criminal matter. In fact, if they didn't report her to police, they likely aren't going to. On the other hand, it could very much end up a civil matter, it's not outside the realm of possibilities they come...
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