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  1. FlyingRon

    suspended license

    Tone down your abusive tone or nobody will help you here. You don't need to read your own words, so write legibly for those trying to help you. You haven't answered the question: WHY IS YOUR LICENSE SUSPENDED? We can't even begin to help you absent knowing this.
  2. FlyingRon

    Question about FMLA vs short term disability

    FMLA just assures you of a job back under certain conditions. It's a distinct benefit and can overlap with disability, sick leave, vacation time, whatever.
  3. FlyingRon

    Proposed New W4 form

    This really has little to do with the new W4 forms. If the court order says you have to give up the child tax credit (there's no longer an exemption), then you need to take that into account when computing your withholding. As a result, you'd pretend you didn't have the child on the W-4...
  4. FlyingRon

    How to proceed when I get a misdemeanor 12500a vc for driving without a CA license, though I had CA permit and International DL?

    It has nothing to do with being an illegal immigrant. There are legal residents of California (and many other states) that are allowed drivers licenses but aren't eligible for SSN.
  5. FlyingRon

    Boss of MDJ?

    They report to the president judge in their judicial district. The bigger question is why you wan to know. Based on what your after that person isn't necessarily the place to go.
  6. FlyingRon

    Florida - Quitclaim deed, mortgage ill ex-spouse

    There's no such thing as "conditional language" in a quitclaim deed. If you want to make the transfer conditional you have to withhold the deed until the conditions are met or use a third-party intermediary.
  7. FlyingRon

    Will Us Govt aligned companies (public authority) sponsor H1B visa?

    You're getting wrapped around the axle on things that are of no consequence. To answer your question, they CAN sponsor an H1B. They may even be cap-exempt. Feds have always been. The local guys, have gotten similar treatment in recent year. The bad news for you is nobody HAS to sponsor...
  8. FlyingRon

    Constitutional lien?

    Constitutional liens only have four year life. When was the lien filed? Have you contacted the vendor and demanded (in writing) they release it? That's going to be the first step. Otherwise, you'll have to go to court. There's an "expedited" procedure for this. You do have an attorney...
  9. FlyingRon

    Stateless Accused of a Crime

    He'll be tried, convicted, serve his sentence, then deported. He needs to be talking to an attorney in the state he is charged.
  10. FlyingRon

    Failure to yield to emergency

    Choices are the same with any ticket. Pay the fine and get the point. Submit a TBD. See if driving school would be offered (if you've not done in in 18 months) and take that (pay the fine plus the school fee plus whatever the school wants for tuition). Go to your arraignment and plead not...
  11. FlyingRon

    What are my chances of winning this case: Installed Hardwood floors that failed sound test?

    He can argue the relative merits of ISR and HIR all he wants, but if the CCR gives a ISR number, that's the test that matters.
  12. FlyingRon

    Warrant Never Issued - any Rights?

    You're going to have to explain what you're talking about. A violation of probation doesn't necessarily need a warrant. Warrants would only be issued if the person fails to voluntarily meet to address the violation. Reckless endangerment is a misdemeanor in Maryland. It only requires a...
  13. FlyingRon

    Received a phone call from sheriffs department...

    The caveat "you're not under arrest" is to affirm that it is not a situation where they are obliged to inform you of your right to remain silent and counsel. It doesn't mean however, that they aren't fishing for incriminating information from you. I would decline to speak to them without...
  14. FlyingRon

    How to proceed when I get a misdemeanor 12500a vc for driving without a CA license, though I had CA permit and International DL?

    You don't need a SSN to get a license in California. You just need to show legal presence. If you are legally present in the US, but ineligible for an SSN, you are exempt from SSN requirements. However, you must still provide an acceptable Identity document for any DL/ID card application OR...
  15. FlyingRon

    Fine for no registration if police didn't ask for proof

    Not sure why calling up things on the computer while parked before the contact, but its not a violation of policy or the laws here. Lets you know what you may be dealing with.
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