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    Noise Disturbance from Neighbors - Property Management Refuses to Help

    I'd suggest continuing to contact the property manager over this issue until they are tired of hearing your complaints and simply allow you out of your lease without further financial punishment. Then go rent a house or perhaps a townhouse (unattached) where there will be no neighbors above (or...
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    House Rented to Us W/O Valid Inspection

    Things were so terrible yet your roommates continued to live there even after the lease expired in April...or was this done a while back and you are just now learning of this? Gail
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    Is any if this valid in ohio

    From your lease...when is rent actually due and when does it become late? Typically rent is due on the first; late after a certain amount of time has passed (sounds like in this case 8 days); you were served with a notice to "remedy" the situation within three days and if this did not occur...
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    Parent refuses to follow Dentist Orders, joint custody.

    As a registered dietitian (now retired), the recommendation by a dentist for an 11 year to avoid dairy and gluten is, frankly, nutritional nonsense. Sugar..possibly. But this gluten nonsense has gotten WAAAAY out of hand even for adults. I've spoken to dental groups when I was in private...
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    Am I entitled to request money back?

    Typically if folks do not agree with what was kept out of their security deposit they write what is known as a "demand" letter, demanding what they believe they are fairly owed and giving the landlord a certain amount of time (say, two weeks after the letter is received) to return this amount...
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    Security deposit question // roommate not paying back utility bills

    "My roommate had requested management to send her an individual check and sent management screenshots of her paying her portion of the security deposit to me. Is management/landlord allowed to return the security deposit this way?" Yes "What legal options do I have to ensure that I get the...
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    Final move out charges

    All your questions are those you should be asking your previous management company, not this forum. We have no idea why two bills, why the carpet replacement cost $780, whether you can negotiate down the price of the carpet, whether they will accept a payment plan, etc. Sorry... Gail
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    What can I do?

    Look; you want legal advice? Go hire yourself an attorney familiar with Mississippi law. Otherwise, the members on this forum are going to go by the assumption that yes, this relative had established a tenancy with you even if she wasn't paying rent. It does not appear that your state...
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    Is landlord responsible for fixing washing machine?

    Did the landlord himself/herself come and check out the washing machine? Gail
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    Is landlord responsible for fixing washing machine?

    What does your lease say regarding this matter? In some leases an appliance such as a washer and dryer are provided as a courtesy only and if they break the landlord is not required to repair or replace. In addition, why/how it broke also plays a role here; if caused by one or more of the...
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    Security Deposit Deduction for Damaged Cabinet: Wear and Tear or Damage

    It's damage and not normal wear and tear. Gail
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    Landlord wasted water, charges tenants

    Since you were not home at the time, how do you know they were left on? Have you discussed this extra $100 matter with the landlord? Gail
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    Non-renewed Rental Lease Termination

    Chances for what? Getting out of the 60 day WRITTEN notice you were supposed to provide as stated in your lease? Pretty poor it would seem. As a reminder: "If this Lease is extended, sixty (60) days prior written Notice by either party shall be required to terminate this Lease. This Notice...
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    I have 3 issues with my landlord. Is he violating any laws?

    https://michaelbluejay.com/electricity/cost.html is an interesting site that allows one to plug in (no pun intended) various items to determine electrical cost. Cost of running a regular 60 watt light bulb 24/7 at 13 cents per kilowatt hour would result in an average monthly bill of $7.20 per...
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    I have 3 issues with my landlord. Is he violating any laws?

    I believe he only unscrewed all the outside lights to the house. Which leads one to ask..how many tenants does it take to screw IN a lightbulb??? Gail
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