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    Landlord entering my room and unpluging my TV

    When you leave your room do you leave your TV on?
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    Wouldn't Show My Unit

    As a general rule (very general), a landlord has 2 months to replace a tenant that breaks a lease and leaves. This is why leases in states that allow such will require two months worth of rent after the appropriate notice that the tenant wishes to invoke the early termination clause. Gail
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    What rights do i have if i moved in with roaches ect.....

    Colorado does allow a tenant to do what is known as "repair and deduct" from the rent for specific (and major) repair issues but only after they have followed fairly strict guidelines regarding notifying their landlord/management of these repair problems. Simply withholding rent without...
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    Landlord told us he would lease our college apartment to us over the summer then leased it to someone else and wants us out ASAP.

    Your current lease is over on Saturday May 2nd? If so and you remain in the rental property your landlord can begin the process of evicting you as you have already been given notice your lease is not going to be renewed. While evictions in many states are currently "on hold" because courts...
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    Apartment management says I owe for charges I don't upon move-out. Won't explain or contact me

    Could these additional charges be for damages above normal wear and tear to the rental unit? That would be my guess since you did not have to provide a security deposit which is where the cost of these damages would be taken out of. Gail
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    Leaks in Apartment

    Sue for what? Have any of your personal items been damaged because of these leaks and if so, do you have renters insurance to cover this? From your timeframe (and if you have a year lease) it would appear your lease may be close to ending. Perhaps it is time to look for another place to rent...
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    Tenant not paying nor vacating...

    Not paying rent in months? You should have started the eviction process months ago. What steps you take is march yourself down to the closest attorney familiar with the eviction process and pay them to start this. Do you really expect this deadbeat who has not paid you in months to suddenly...
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    Cleaning charges after move-out

    My own opinion is that any of our opinions in this matter means nothing in terms of anything legal regarding this matter. If you disagree with what was kept out of your security deposit the first step is to write what is known as a "demand" letter to your landlord/management, demanding what...
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    Real estate

    Simply repeating yourself is not going to give you answers. Start by posting your state. Gail
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    Rental lease

    Did your old lease indicate that once expired it automatically converts to a tenancy at will (i.e., a month to month lease)?
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    Apartment manager towed my van

    "Long story short" Glad this isn't the long version of what happened. "I'm pretty upset with the manager and I think she needs to make up for what she cost here that was supposed to be for my business she knew this she just doesn't like me I'm assuming. so if I want to go further with this and...
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    CA Tenant Rights - Insect Problem

    "I understand that the landlord has a general duty to keep the apartment clean" I believe even by California standards, you're reading this ass backwards. It's the tenants who have the general duty to keep the apartment clean. Your problem is that each time you have contacted the landlord...
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    Can borrowed money count as income in income based housing?

    "So yes, everything is the same as last year except our billionaire President has decided to raise my rent by 5X what it was - Indirectly, if not directly." So now the president is making you pay less than $250 for your share of the rent? Gail
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    My roommate refuses to leave the apartment

    You decided to break your lease and you believe you can make your roommate move out also? Is this person also on the lease?
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    Can borrowed money count as income in income based housing?

    It would appear HUD isn't buying your claim that pay back after death is a valid criteria for it being a loan and thus THEY are the ones stating this is income, not the so-called "greedy" landlord. What a tenant is responsible for in regards to their share of the rent will vary depending on...

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