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Recent content by Gail in Georgia

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    All of my belongings were thrown away

    It would appear that the confusion results from your family leaving the items on the property that "surrounds" the rental house the family was evicted from. Go down to the Clerk of Court for your county and discuss the steps for filing a lawsuit (typically in Magistrates court). In the lawsuit...
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    All of my belongings were thrown away

    So the other property was not part of the eviction process, correct? Typically in Georgia a dispossessory (our version of an eviction) is complete when the personal property touches the curb. Often it's a bit of a "free for all" in some neighborhoods after that. Sounds like in your case the...
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    How to deal with this housemate situation

    " I'm surprised at how this has evolved. First she was just another person living in the house, and now, within just a few hours, she's become the she-devil roommate from hell. How did this happen?" All this nonsense over space in the refrigerator...
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    landlord charging me over $3k in damages

    " I know we did damage part of the carpet due to the dog having accidents in the house but feel offended their exaggerating the damage and even claiming animal abuse when I have vet records from the last 4 years I've had him that include all his shots, nail trimmings, exams, and flea medicine...
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    How to deal with this housemate situation

    Listen; make a fuss on this and the landlord/property manager will become aware of what you have done and will either likely kick all of you out on your rear ends or make you pay the $500 you so cheaply attempted to avoid. What's the easiest way to work this out? It would seem to be that...
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    Harrassment from Tenant's neighbor regarding Tenant's behavior

    Your options are to see that your tenant continues to follow through with the daily picking up of his/her dogs droppings and to ignore the neighbors threats until and if you receive any notice from the court regarding a hearing. Gail
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    How to deal with this housemate situation

    "Our lease requires that we inform the the LL / property manager about house mate changes and they need to be approved by the property manager / LL. I will be honest here that our lease also enforces a lease change fee of $500 and so every change of house mate would have cost $500, which is why...
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    Original lease expired, remained on month to month

    So...you haven't paid any rent for October (yet)? Or have you paid only for 15 days in this month? If management files for an eviction tomorrow you would be notified of such (hopefully; make certain you have filed for an address change with the post office since you are likely to have moved...
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    Can I be charged for attempting to call emergency?

    Most folks (including your friend) haven't a clue what harassment is anyway. The term tends to be tossed around like underwear on a laundry line in a big wind. Just gum flapping. Gail
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    Illegal rentals

    Is your neighborhood covered by an HOA? If not, have you contacted your local Code Enforcement Office regarding this matter? Gail
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    Eviction in Ga

    Can he simply toss you out? Not if you are considered a tenant. However, since you have paid no rent and signed no lease you are unlikely to prove to any court in Georgia (which tends to be a very landlord friendly state) that you have established a "tenant" relationship here. At best it is...
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    Bad Property Manager refuses to listen to tenants; Lets tenants live in discontent and unsanitary conditions!!!

    Frankly, this one should be relocated right out on their entitled rear end to join the real world. Gail
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    Bad Property Manager refuses to listen to tenants; Lets tenants live in discontent and unsanitary conditions!!!

    "I just want the property manager to do her job and relocate them with people I had specified that i know personally on the premises that were clean and enjoyed living with me. " Hey Princess; what in the world makes you think this is the property managers job to do this? Gail
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    No Hot Water

    What state do you reside in? Do you have hot water in other parts of the rental unit? Gail
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    Section 8 questions

    Then your aunt wants nothing changed about any of this (perhaps she enjoys the monthly rent paid directly into her bank account each month) and your option is to move to a quieter living environment. Gail
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