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    Received cleaning charges from my previous apartment

    Did you smoke in the apartment? Even if inside smoking was allowed, this can leave much residue of nicotine on walls and ceilings, requiring not only washing but often priming and repainting to remove the odor. Gail
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    Received cleaning charges from my previous apartment

    In what condition was the rental unit at move out? As previously asked, do you have pictures of the condition of the place when you moved out. Those would be helpful to dispute the landlords/managements claims that you left the rental unit in such condition that it required $2000 to clean and...
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    Can my landlord keep a window shade that I bought but he installed?

    The rule is, anything that is considered to "permanently" attached to the rental remains with it. Thus, if tenant brings an appliance (that can be easily unplugged), it remains theirs. If something that is attached with screws/nails (for example, kitchen cabinets) it remains with the property...
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    How do I file a suit against a self storage in Iowa for getting rid of my units contents due to late payment?

    The OP's posting is a little confusing. When they received notification they had a few days to pay up, did they indicate they were going to do this (and did so)? Gail
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    Prop Mgmt Company retaining part of security deposit after agreeing to refund full amount

    It's not unusual to find additional damage after the initial walk through with the vacating tenants (if required by the particular state). That is why most states have additional time to notify the tenant regarding the status of their security deposit. If you feel it is worth arguing over this...
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    Landlord only texted list of damages

    "i think it has to be to us in the 30 days but we will give it until mid week anyways." In the event you receive this by mail, keep in mind that often a court will determine the date by the postmark on the envelope when actually mailed out. Please keep in mind that suing (and winning) for...
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    Cereal broken tooth should I file small claim

    I've broken a tooth eating popcorn; this required a root canal AND a crown. $2000. Do you think I could sue the popcorn manufacture? (Hint; nope). Granola is often a hard and chewy cereal. Be glad they offered you the $700. Gail
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    burned on xmas

    This is true; however, if the OP wishes to help out this former tenant he may wish to provide this information if contacted. Gail
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    burned on xmas

    There is no "legal" requirement that you write this former tenant a letter of recommendation. If contacted by an agency screening her for a new rental property, you provide answers to their questions and nothing more. Gail
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    Ex-Landlord Harassing my husband and I.

    " On December 1st she said she no longer needed our help with the horses but now needed us to pay rent so she could hire someone to take care of the horses. She said we could pay at the end of the month. When we went to go pay her, she said not to worry about it until February." I'm guessing no...
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    Ex-Landlord Harassing my husband and I.

    Telling you today that you left her house nasty is hardly considered "harassment" by any sense of the word. Her leaving previous messages on your door never particularly seemed to bother you until you got the notice that you were going to be billed for this supposed mess you left behind. As...
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    Fridge: Cold air not getting into fridge area

    If you provide a refrigerator (and I do) add a clause in your lease that it is for the convenience of the tenant and, in the case of a needed repair, you will not be responsible for the cost of any claimed spoiled food. Otherwise don't be surprised if your tenants suddenly claim they've lost...
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    Medical Abandonment

    It is true you may have better luck finding a physician by working through your insurer. However, neither your insurer nor your original physician has control over whether an appointment with a new physician might take 3 months. I understand your frustration regarding not being able to get...
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    Security Deposit

    You follow the requirements for security deposit return/notification to the former tenant for your particular state (and this may vary if the rental unit is in New York CITY versus New York STATE). In other words, take some time to familiarize yourself with these statutes. Gail
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    Missed deadline to give notice of termination of lease

    Frankly, I don't even see what you posted that your lease requires that you provide a 60 day notice of nonrenewal; just a 30 day notice in the event that the landlord wants to increase the rent greater than 5 percent. Where in your lease does it state that you need to provide a 60 day notice...
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