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Recent content by Gail in Georgia

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    Tenant Revenge

    This is California. Anything insane can happen in that state. Gail
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    Shady Inspection

    Why did you title this "shady inspection"? And why do you believe a tenant has to "grant" a repair person permission to address a repair situation? Notification is what is needed, not permission from the tenant. Gail
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    Renter's rights

    "does your sister even have the right to kick me out" My sister doesn't. Her sister might. At best you have what is known as a month to month tenancy (ie., a "tenancy at will" situation). Generally this only requires a 30 day notice on the part of either the tenant or the landlord to...
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    If a landlord changes rent due date,does lease need to be redone to enforce late fees?

    Again, if you disagree with what was kept out of your security deposit your option is to sue for this in Small Claims court. Gail
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    If a landlord changes rent due date,does lease need to be redone to enforce late fees?

    Florida's landlord/tenant statutes on security deposits http://www.leg.state.fl.us/statutes/index.cfm?App_mode=Display_Statute&URL=0000-0099/0083/Sections/0083.49.html Gail
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    If a landlord changes rent due date,does lease need to be redone to enforce late fees?

    That would seem to make sense if your rent is now due bi-weekly and you failed to pay the second full payment. Gail
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    If a landlord changes rent due date,does lease need to be redone to enforce late fees?

    "I live in Florida and at my last rental the landlord proposed we could pay rent biweekly..in the original lease we had a 5 day grace period.july we had hit a financial issue and broke up the second portion of rent ..they accepted and said nothing.same thing happened the following month with...
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    Parent refuses to go to nursing home

    Have you discussed other options rather than nursing home placement? Many look into home health services as an alternative to placement. It is not unusual that an elderly person/couple would wish to remain in their home environment. There are now many options that allow this. Gail
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    Reporting roommate

    " Our last resort, we know the roommate receives welfare for Crohn's disease and we do not feel she deserves it. " Surprise! Who legally cares what you guys feel regarding whether your roommate deserves welfare for a medical condition? Gail
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    What hould I do?

    " (which he said the power alone is 19000 behind)"????? While your posting is a big confusing it would seem that your best choice is to move out and find another place to rent. And that one should have a lease that clearly describes who is responsible for what utilities. Gail
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    Keeping kid away

    Quite honestly it may be difficult for a court to grant custody to a parent who 1. has no money, 2. has no place to live, 3. cannot work because of what sounds like uncontrolled bipolar issues, depression, social anxiety (all your description from your postings). Someone can believe they are a...
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    Questionable "Notice to enter premises" followed by threats from landlord

    " When they do finally start bringing in tenants, I will be present, and I want to tell the prospective tenants about the experience they are putting me through right now, as well as other issues I have had with the management, unit, and neighbors. " Do you want these showings to go on forever...
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    New smoking addendum

    They can't force folks to sign it. But tenants who don't should have a good idea what might happen in terms of lease renewal if they don't sign. Gail
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    New smoking addendum

    "What can they do if we refuse to sign?" Not renew any lease you have when it comes time to do so. If you have a month to month tenancy they may wish to terminate this type of lease with the appropriate notice. Gail
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    I am in a relationship 6 years and am 100 % dependent on him and he suddenly tries to kick me out with anything.

    So what have you done with the 10-30K he's put in your bank account each time he's acted out before? Sounds like you should have had a pretty nice nest egg in there when this last blow up happened. Gail
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