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    rebelpl, please unlock your thread

    you make have locked it by accident.
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    I'm in a pickle....any help or input would be appreciated.

    Shaking California So last month....we were given a notice to vacate from our landlady. Per CA law, we have 60 days. Ok. No hard feelings. There obviously was some confusion when she talking to us verbally. We understood she would not charge us rent for April or the first half of May since...
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    Re: Hi Every Body

    Re: Hi Every Body So...am i the only one waiting around to see if he makes bail?
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    Non-Compete Clause

    What is the name of your state (only U.S. law)? California hi folks! i know it's against the normal rules...but i'm asking more of as an interested party since i enjoy looking stuff up. a friend of mine owns her own business. she signed a non-compete clause as a contractor. has been...
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    Dear anwhipkey

    very cute. first off...mom doing drugs has to be proven. not because you said so. as in convictions in court. your allegations don't count. mom not working is none of your business. and it does not make mom an unfit parent. an 8 year peeing in the bed? that doesn't mean mom is unfit. a bed...
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    pay for it myself, or is it the landlord's reponsibility?

    Wooohooo! it's Sunny California today! hi, gals and guys. i'm doing some searching trying to find out if the landlord is required to change/replace carpeting during residency. facts, hubby has been living here since 8/11. 8.5 years. what i'm not quite clear on is if the carpet was brand...
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    Disability Modifications.

    It's Sunny here in CA. i'm weeding throught the LL/TT laws. so bear with me. we are making some simple modifications in our home to accomodate our autistic 4 year old. security gates such as a modified gates on both our front and back door. they are modified in a way that the four year old...
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    Really?? Again??

    Overcast California. I am so livid right now my entire body is shaking. Today is my oldest's thirteenth birthday. Court orders state that i have the kids even years, dad has them odd years. Took dad to court for contempt for messing with my birthday last year, and for messing with my xmas...
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    Mrslunar, The reason i can say what i did, is because i have been there. I've sat in your chair. Each time i was beaten, each time i was raped. I didn't report it. I didn't go to the hospital. That was MY fault. Now there is an idiot running aroud thinking this is okay behavior. I know...
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    hey folks....

    Sunny California (the sun actually came out!! woohoo!) hi friends. so, most of you know i'll be studying law...(yea!) my nosey self knows someone who is being sued in small claims court by CashCall. or their debt successor. now, in small claims court, a business cannot sue more than $5,000...
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    greg woods...please unlock your thread

    help us help you.
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    Ninja......girl...you need to pay more attention

    quoted from NingaGirl's last locked post. you don't get it. you do not work for that money. you go to school. you get a check from the government to get that check. you abide by THEIR rules. it comes from a government account. same as welfare. same as foodstamps. same as wic. same as state...
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    RachelShoe, please unlock your thread.

    Please unlock your thread so you can be assisted. thank you. :)
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    this is for a particular reader of the forums

    this applies to a california reader Dear Seniors. this post is not for my benefit, this post is for the benefit of a particular reader of these forums. this is a subject that is often not discussed or pointed out. a particular spouse believes it is within his/her right to withhold marital...

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