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    are short term rentals commercial activity in TN?

    Do you own the land? Is it a land lease with the state or federal that has such restrictions? Is it a association? Is there a board that enforces restrictions?
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    Cousin Guardianship

    Is your cousin on Medicaid? Also, just from what I know personally. The nursing home can't discharge her unless she has a safe and appropriate place to discharge her to, whether that is her home or a assisted living situation, which sounds like what she needs. A social worker at the nursing home...
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    izzie02, your thread was not a problem!

    Oops. I didn't realize that it was another post you were referring too. Oh well, not a big deal. Have a happy turn back your clocks night guys.
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    Can I get my dental records?

    From working in a dental office. When you make appointment with new dentist ask them to request your dental records from the first dentist. The new dentist will have you fill out a form for request and release to have records transferred, also copies of x-rays.
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    Cost of Medicare when on SSDI

    Check to see if you can qualify for help with Medicare costs through ACA (affordable Care act/also known as Obama care) Call the county you live in.
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    Sample letter to grant permission to neighbor.

    I would, if it were me, also put in letter that you are able to rescind offer at any time neighbor would have to relocate fence to proper boundary lines. What if neighbor sells house to someone who is a jerk. What if you sell and new owners want boundaries not questionable hindered by neighbors...
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    Bankruptcy and pensions

    Gone are they days of corporate raiders that bought companies solely get the assests of its pension funds. The government put a end to that, for the most part. They made companies hand over funds to be administered by third parties. That should also make pensions safe from creditors of the...
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    Toxic work environment - useless "management"

    My husband is sensitive to strong perfumes. His biggest fear was being on/trapped a plane sitting next to someone with such, which happened frequently when he traveled for work. It just takes a series of loud snotty sneezing on the offender to be offered another seat. Same goes for going to the...
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    Wedding Restaurant

    And..offer to givea glowing review of how pleased you are with the new owner and how great it was to work with them, if negotiation s go well.
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    Constant Power Outages

    Maybe your states public utilities commission can put pressure on the utility to step up more aggressive trimming and cutting down of trees. I know in my state they have, in the past 10 years been very aggressively taking out trees along power lines. I lost a large one myself and was told to not...
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    Homeowner in Oregon died, what happens to roommate?

    You also might want to consider empty houses with no one living in them can be difficult to insure. They are also more likely to be broken into. Maybe it wouldn't be a bad thing for renter to stay. But I would still go there and remove any valuables and paperwork just in case.
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    Newspaper thrown into yard against my wishes.

    Yes, in Minnesota can get 6-12 inches that covers the paper. Would usually see it but not always. When delivered overnight during storm they sometimes stuck to driveway so had to stop, get tool to pry off. Once got sucked up by the auger of snowblower and jammed it up during a blizzard. FYI...
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    Newspaper thrown into yard against my wishes.

    Try sending a written letter. I had to do this after numerous phone calls asking them to stop. The letter was accompanied with a picture of my snowblower clogged/jammed up with a news paper that was under the snow on my driveway, where they always delivered it, couldn't see it under the snow. I...
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    Legal unit temperature and broken heater or thermostat.

    What you are describing is what happened when the blower/fan started going out on my natural gas furnace. Furnace/burners would fire up then go off again when blower didn't turn on after a minute, so house didn't heat up to setting on thermostat. Also, if older furnace, maybe not well cared for...
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    Bad plumbing

    Maybe a construction attorney can help getting the manufacturer and/or distributor identified. Maybe there is a class action suit already on that pex. Save all the pieces they pulled out plus lots of pictures of what you had to go through just in case. Is the builder still around?

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