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    SSI Funds are being abused and being manipulated held back from being my own representative payee

    And, if you are incarcerated for a period of a calendar month, you are not eligible for SSI for that month or until the day you get out of jail, prorated at an already reduced amount. Doesn't matter if you have to pay rent and other bills. Hope you get through this without too much fallout.
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    SSI Funds are being abused and being manipulated held back from being my own representative payee

    There should be a bonded representative payee agency that services your particular zip code. Your local office can provide a list or give you a phone number or two (or more if you are in a larger metro area). While you are in this interim period, one of the first priorities would be to get your...
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    How do I gain control of my SSDI?

    Do you have a treating doctor? What does the doctor say about managing your own money? There is a form that your doctor can complete, SSA 787, which you can use when you apply to be your own payee. Do you have other caring family members or friends who are willing to take on this job? There...
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    State supplement to SSI?

    https://secure.ssa.gov/apps10/poms.nsf/lnx/0501415052 You have to move to a state that pays state supplemental payments. Not all states do.
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    SSI Funds are being abused and being manipulated held back from being my own representative payee

    There are businesses, payee agencies, that will manage your money and be your rep payee for a small monthly fee. These payee agencies are bonded and insured and are routinely audited. They will put you on a budget. Generally they write a check for the rent and then give you spending money...
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    SSDI - Wages vs Income

    Think about it like this. In order to get wages, you have to get an employer to pay you for work you do for the employer that the employer decides is valuable, so they pay you do perform this service for them. In other words, you work. To get unemployment, you provide nothing of value to an...
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    Getting full control of my SSDI

    The SSA form is an SSA 787, Statement of Capability. It makes no sense that one program has a rep payee and the other doesn't. You either need a payee or you don't. That needs to be corrected. Hopefully, your treating doctor agrees with you. If the doctor completes the form, you can take it to...
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    SSI Appeal

    SSI payment are based on the living arrangement in the effective month. Any month in which someone was in a medical facility throughout a calendar month and Medicaid paid more than 50% is subject to the $30 cap. Other months are not. Payment for past months are based on living arrangements and...
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    SSI Appeal

    I can't remember if you said he had both an SSDI and an SSI claim pending. I hope so. Trying to make a decision for the SSDI was going to be a problem, but it is POSSIBLE for DDS to make a presumptive finding of SSI disability beginning with right now, which will pay him SSI for the next six...
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    SSI Appeal

    You should be able to obtain the name and telephone number of the disability analyst at the state who is handling your brother's claim. You may need to have your brother sitting next to you when you make the phone call unless every component has you listed as an authorized rep. That doesn't...
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    Problems receiving SSI well after self-employment earnings ended

    I doubt that the federal law is going to change just because California law has changed. As a general rule, SSA counts self-employment over a calendar year. Some self-employed persons work every day but only get paid when the crop sells or the commission is paid on the real estate deal. What did...
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    5 month hold back

    What is the date of onset of the worker who qualified for SSDI? The 5 month waiting period begins with the month after onset. Retroactivity of payment can go back 12 months before application, depending on onset date. So it could be as early as 4/18 or as late as October 2019 Their award...
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    SSI Appeal

    The SSDI may not be higher than SSI, but it is not a welfare, means-tested benefit. If he gets any other income, like inheritances, some insurance settlements, gifts, free food or shelter, gambling winnings, etc. it affects SSI dollar for dollar. Not true with SSDI. Also he can only have $2000...
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    SSI Appeal

    You should be able to call and get an answer on the status of the SSI claim. This week will be bare bones staff but employees will be there tomorrow. The point of appealing the SSDI claim is to prove he was disabled before 3/31/2013 so no medical evidence dated after that date will be at all...
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    SSI Appeal

    It is highly possible that both and SSI and an SSDI claim were being evaluated. Separate letters are sent. If there is no notice with the title Supplemental Security Income on the letterhead, then it is not an SSI denial letter. I am actually happy to know that SSA took a second look at the...

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