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    Mobile Home Insurance Claim

    Thanks for the quick reply. Hopefully the adjuster has mercy on me then. I’ll pop in next week with an update pending the answer. I figured since the home was used that nothing was warrantied; and again, the lack of inspection on my own end was indeed a rookie and stupid mistake i won’t ever...
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    Mobile Home Insurance Claim

    What is the name of your state? OH Hi all. So let’s just get the rookie mistakes out of the way first: I bought a mobile home August 2018. It was refurbished (black mold, all walls and floors were ripped out and rebuilt), and the park assured us everything was inspected and running. Due to a...
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    Info on Technicalities of and “At Fault” Accident

    It’s my mom that had the accident. The witness that saw it said she went while the other driver in the accident was sitting because she also throught he was going left. She made it through, but when my mom went is when the other driver realized he couldn’t go. So maybe about 10-15 seconds on...
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    Info on Technicalities of and “At Fault” Accident

    I don’t believe it was an “illegal” left turn, only the failure to yield maybe. On the side she was on, there was an arrow light. It was one of the ones that had one green arrow that shuts off but the light itself remains green if that makes any sense? It was on the other side of the road that...
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    Info on Technicalities of and “At Fault” Accident

    No one was injured, and both are fully insured is what I got from the phone call. If i’m guessing where you’re going with this, we’re not looking for any type of payout/we’re not trying to sue. We’re just wondering what to expect from insurance, and how we should anticipate them to rule on it.
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    Info on Technicalities of and “At Fault” Accident

    My state is Ohio. Hello all. My mom had an accident tonight, and i’m just looking for some quick info on what we should expect insurance-wise. My mom was at a four way intersection with a traffic light. She was on the side with the arrow light, but the arrow was not on (just green), and waiting...
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    Mobile Home Park Threatening Water Shut Off

    What is the name of your state? Ohio Hello. Today my mobile home community manager left notices at doors, as well as at the front of our property threatening to shut off water supplies over night. Our area has been getting between -5 to -40 degree weather with wind chills, and residents have...
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    Mobile Home Purchase Issues

    What is the name of your state? OH So I closed on a refurbished mobile home on 8/31/18. The seller/landlord/property manager said that everything was being refurbished due to black mold, and that the hot water tank and furnace were “certified.” Today I had my HVAC guy in to light the pilot...
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    Questions about Sherrifs Sales

    Thanks everyone! i don’t know if this helps to clarify, but to my knowledge, the only lien on the house is the backed property tax. the home was given to the LL in 2016 through a death, so there should be no mortgages or anything on it. the bankruptcy court decided they wanted it sold becaue...
  10. K

    Questions about Sherrifs Sales

    What is the name of your state? Ohio/PA Hello! I just have a few questions about sheriffs sales if anyone can help. My current rental (located in Ohio) is being seized by the Erie, PA Bankruptcy Court, and being sold, I’m assuming, at a sheriffs sale. 1. What forms of payment are accepted at a...
  11. K

    LL Selling Property

    I will check out PACER this afternoon. I almost did last night but it said something about authorized personnel only lol. So basically I could be $1400 is what i’m understanding. If i pay next month, but get the boot in says August, then I’ll be out the last month I paid for at the start of the...
  12. K

    LL Selling Property

    What is the name of your state? Ohio Hello again. A few months back, i posted how my LL was filing chapter 13. to my knowledge, there are no mortgages on the house or liens, other than backed property tax. The courts are now forcing a sale of the home, so i have a couple of questions. 1. Does...
  13. K

    LL Not Making Repairs/Filed Chapter 13

    What is the name of your state (only U.S. law)? OH I have previously posted how my LL had non-refundable security deposit in our lease agreement, among some other things. Recently, we received paperwork from our county about being named an income source for our LL’s Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing...
  14. K

    Is a "nonrefundable" security deposit legal?

    What is the name of your state (only U.S. law)? Ohio Hello everyone. I was just curious if in Ohio a nonrefundable security deposit is legal? In my lease agreement, it says my $600 deposit (NOT move in fee) was not refundable, and I'm curious if that is possible. I'm not trying to be a crappy...

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