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    Guardian Ad Litem

    I want to second this. A stepfather of four years being brought into it can create some issues with the court, but a boyfriend will certainly ruffle some feathers. I definitely understand what the OP is getting at, but a boyfriend has not made any commitment and thus the stability can be gone...
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    How do i go about getting my sister out of a skilled nurseing facility after a stroke when her daughter wants to leave her there?

    You’re very welcome. I know it isn’t easy. It shouldn’t have to be like this but it is. I wish you all the best.
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    How do i go about getting my sister out of a skilled nurseing facility after a stroke when her daughter wants to leave her there?

    My grandmother hated her nursing facility when she was first admitted. When she was lucid (more often than not at the beginning), she begged and pleaded with her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren to take her home. One grandson did, despite the family warning him against doing so...
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    APS created a case based on malicious anonymous report, my family wants to protect its rights

    I don’t even recommend it then. I’ve witnessed too many people who “had nothing to hide” wind up in a mess because authorities twisted their words and actions in order to do what they had already decided needed to be done versus looking at the facts then deciding what’s best. OP, take AJ’s...
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    Compelling a defamation lawsuit, intentionally

    You’ve been given sound advice here. I only want to add that, as I read your post, a Confucius quote kept replaying in my mind; that is, “Before you embark on a journey of revenge, first dig two graves.” I understand being hurt so deeply, be it physically or emotionally, you want to make others...
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    Discovery question

    Provide the proof of her actual income to your attorney who can then counter her testimony with such. There will not, however, be any penalties from the Court. Perjury in family court is more the rule than an exception.
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    Question about Statue of limitation - Tennessee law

    And vandalism. I’ve seen numerous terns charged with vandalism because they rolled a teacher’s yard. Add pesky glitter to it, I guarantee these kids will be charged. Albeit, their only punishment likely to be community service but there will be expensive court costs that have to be paid. OP...
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    What do I do?

    Contact the law school at University of Memphis to inquire about legal clinics they offer. It is there you can get advice at no cost or extremely low cost by law students who are supervised by licensed attorneys. What has to be filed is a Show Cause. She will be summonsed to appear and...
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    Grandmother has custody and now I don't like it..

    It used to be a common thing around these parts. Fortunately, someone with good sense finally created a bill (which passed) that, at least in Tennessee, anyone under the age of 18 cannot get married without a judge's approval; a parent's signature is no longer acceptable. And while some...
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    What can i legally do?

    He is right. Without a parenting plan/court order saying otherwise, he has the right to have your mutual child around anyone at any place he wishes - within reason of course (I.e., a bar or strip club is a huge no no) An attempted theft charge will not be enough to restrict the females presence...
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    Husband Cheated and his Ex is Harassing Me

    You are angry at the wrong person and your actions enable your abusive husband. I recommend you retain an attorney AND a therapist to get rid of him and work through the underlying issues which cause you to tolerate and enable such atrocious behaviors.
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    Dad sets my car on fire because I won't apologize.

    Call the police. That is your only option. If the DA believes there is enough evidence, your father will be charged criminally. Being as the car is insured (even if it's paid by them because the car is titled to you, you are also on the policy), file a claim with the agency and get your car...
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    Can I obtain a restraining order even though the abuse happened over 6 months ago?

    It's possible but not probable. This isn't legal advice but life advice: I would recommend cutting all contact with him as he is clearly someone with personality disorder issues. If you can't seem to do that, I would strongly advise seeking out a therapist who can help you understand why and...
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    Child Support When Ex is Fired

    It's already at zero, so technically nothing would change. However, as TN's CS is based on both parents income, her loss of income could be a game changer because she's technically contributing nothing to the children's support now but being as she was fired for cause, her income would be...
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    How to get full custody when the other parent is MIA and not on the birth certificate

    While I certainly understand your attorney's point of view and he isn't entirely wrong, there are other ways to go forward with an adoption when the parent whose rights are to be terminated cannot be found. The TN attorney with whom I spent most of my working career would have strongly...

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