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    Debt settlement

    Thank you. I will wait out the month for it to be reported. I just wasn't too sure.
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    Debt settlement

    What is the name of your state? Arizona Hello, I am just inquiring about the process it takes for a debt settlement to show up on my credit report. I was sent a letter to settle a little amount that I couldn't pass up especially for the amount that was originally owed. I paid the settlement...
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    2 debt collectors on same debt

    So what you're saying is 2 collectors can try and collect on the same creditor that are showing 2 different amounts from each other? I spoke to the collector who has the higher amount of $323 and of course they told me they took over the account from the collector who reported $258 and the...
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    2 debt collectors on same debt

    I will give them a call. The little debt is what I am wanting to pay but I am not going to pay both agencies, just one who has the debt. Also, the amount that was disputed and was in my favor was $790 and as of Feb 23rd 2019, it was reported back onto my credit report but the dispute was...
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    2 debt collectors on same debt

    State: Arizona Hello, I was checking my credit score through Experian and I noticed a few things. The first thing I noticed was 2 credit agencies trying to collect on the same debt but for two different amounts. I have one agency trying to collect $258 which is the correct amount I am in debt...
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    Collection account "paid"

    Arizona Hello, I received an email from Experian regarding my credit account and it shows that an account that was in collections was paid at a $0 balance. I have not paid anything towards the debt in months and I just received this email. Taking a look at my Experian account, it shows...
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    Apartment & Electric

    Hello, I currently reside in Arizona and have some questions regarding my apartment and electric. Unfortunately, around the end of May, my girlfriend and I fell into financial hardships where we could no longer afford to stay at the apartment in which we ended up moving to my parents' house to...
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