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  1. Ohiogal

    Child custody...

    CPS without a court order does not have the right to interfere with your custody. You need an attorney.
  2. Ohiogal

    Child custody...

    How did grandma get custody? Did she file a motion? Were you served with a copy of that motion?
  3. Ohiogal

    Child custody...

    Were you served for the custody or ETC for your child? If not then there is a big issue and could be considered void.
  4. Ohiogal


    It was funny. I know it was a mis-statement. I get that. I needed to laugh at SOMETHING today.
  5. Ohiogal


    I hope her son is NOT her husband. That would be illegal and definitely deny dad his child.
  6. Ohiogal

    Child support modification increase

    Why haven't you gone through the child support agency if he has gotten a raise … you can do that every three years or so... and it costs nothing.
  7. Ohiogal

    Question for OG

    In Ohio, temperatures are being taken and most are requiring masks. My juvenile court is going to do just about all hearings by zoom until the first of the year to account for the bounce. Judge's discretion gives the courts flexibility to be as stringent or loose as they want. You can find...
  8. Ohiogal

    How to notify court of noncompliance

    OP, as an attorney I agree with T. I strongly disagree with LD. She knows nothing and tries to pretend she doesn't have a mom bias. You are digging yourself a hole as looking to be controlling.
  9. Ohiogal

    Can someone please help

    Heard of it .. but if dad is the custodian and he is no longer a minor... then he is sole custodian. We need the actual wording of the order.
  10. Ohiogal

    Can someone please help

    And dad has custody, right? Not his mother? If so then dad needs sued by your daughter.
  11. Ohiogal

    Is entering fake billing info illegal?

    And these are the types of morons making it so that we all who are rational and sane want LICENSES for anyone purchasing a firearm and then reselling. Because Emek should go to prison for this stupidity. There is a reason why.. Maybe Emek can't OWN firearms... and buying through a loophole and...
  12. Ohiogal

    Father changed children's Health Insurance without telling me

    Best part of LD's diatribe is that I said: Meaning Medicaid could still be billed as a secondary but the therapist/doctor has to do that. They have to bill primary and then secondary.
  13. Ohiogal

    Father changed children's Health Insurance without telling me

    He may have been required to get private insurance as it was available if it was at a reasonable cost. Medicaid is considered only if other insurance is not available. And it can be a secondary to cover the costs not paid by the original insurance. Those are facts.
  14. Ohiogal

    Dog bites another Dog in California.

    Your dog was out ofyour control. His dog was bleeding and he came back from the vets with a bill. YOU are responsible. End of story.
  15. Ohiogal

    Exhusband altered pre-established schedule due to Covid-19

    OP, you have issues because quite frankly fighting at THIS point in time is ridiculous and immature. You both need to grow up. What 20% does he get? What 80% do you get? You don't get to dictate that. And you were selfish to travel and thus possibly expose the mutual child to COVID-19. Did you...

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