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    Denying refund on roof materials

    are they sold in packages or separately ?
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    City of Los banos has sewage gas coming into my home

    is your sewage main properly trapped ? the trap stops the sewer gas from coming into your home thru the pipes
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    Texas Car Dealership raising prices

    how are they overcharging you ? they told you the amount for their fee , which you apparently agreed to ..they likely had to pay your tow bill which would be in addition to their fee..how does this relate to payment history ? did you perhaps ASK all the fees involved ?? im thinking no you didnt
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    UPS Damage Antique Motorcycle Engine Base

    id suggest finding a set of oem replacement cases , which would not be stamped with a vin , then when you have them ,a trip to your local Harley dealer with your unstamped cases and your damaged cases at that point they should be willing to stamp your vin into the new cases using their approved...
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    Verbal agreement between two parties.

    you are hearing things you don't like..so you go off half baked at everybody...never heard a vehicle was a necessity of life... its a CONVEINENCE... not necessity...
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    Verbal agreement between two parties.

    why at 38 do you need to make payments to a minor.. just get a loan and pay her then it will be titled to YOU...
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    Is this verbal assault?

    the boy has no kahunas..verbal assault ??? call the police cause he got scared ???
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    Can i be charged with "criminal tresspass" of my own property?

    cat hoarder ???guessing from his name.. kitty is in it ......and a cat hoarders house could easily qualify as filth..
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    Five-Day “No Cause” Notice to quit

    both scamming the system..
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    unaffordable healthcare struck down as unconstitutional

    well when they want $1200 a month for a policy that has a $5000 deductible how is that affordable when you make 40 k a yr.. wife broke her shoulder, we self paid all our own medical costs about $5k... even with the fine imposed we are still farther ahead financially being uninsured vs the...
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    unaffordable healthcare struck down as unconstitutional

    had not heard of the appeal.. thanks for the info
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    unaffordable healthcare struck down as unconstitutional

    pa. now obamacare has been struck down as unconstitutional. shouldn't the fines (or shared responsibility payments as they were jokingly called)} be also struck down and as such be repaid to those who were forced to pay them ?
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    KS Gun Laws

    guess you don't see the repo mans right to do his job legally without being attacked by a dog... and that bully of a repo man was there because your innocent neighbor failed to uphold their contract with the lender on her nice new car...
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    Driver permit? How handle in court?

    buy hubby a BICYCLE for his transportation needs till he sorts out his self imposed license issues.. t6hen he will no longer need to drive illegaly
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    New Vehicle Purchase, Found Damage After Taking it Home

    they may be using a paintless dent removal contractor to fix it , and you will have to wait till he is available..did you perhaps ask them ?

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