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    New Vehicle Purchase, Found Damage After Taking it Home

    they may be using a paintless dent removal contractor to fix it , and you will have to wait till he is available..did you perhaps ask them ?
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    id suggest paying attention to the weather and be aware of road conditions before/during driving .. why would you NOT expect icy conditions in feb ?? your citation ? reckless/unsafe driving ? failure to maintain safe speed for conditions ? too fast for conditions ? all 100% YOUR FAULT... bet...
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    I accidently junked a vehicle with the license plate still on it in PA.

    if penndot issued the registration suspension , the suspension credit time wont start until they receive the license plate,. and then theres also a restoration fee also involved in the process. since the plates no longer in your possession you cant send it in..so id pretty much consider it...
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    Landlord turns water off

    fyi YOU should know where your shutoff is in case YOU need it in case you have a leak.. a lot of damage can be caused if you must wait for someone to be called out to do it for you... was your place locked ? and the plumber had no acess to shut off your toilet ? was there even a shutoff for...
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    Harrassment Citation

    You guys don't understand. My career is over. I have a job that requires a 100% clean criminal record at all times. Even charges that have been dropped or dismissed will count against me. Even with the smallest fine and no jail time, my life (as I knew it before) is ruined. I'm one of those...
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    What can I do about prosecution threats, need to make immediate updates?

    or perhaps an unpermitted wall added to split up a room perhaps?
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    Boiler broken 4mos following sale despite seller's certificate of perfect health

    my bad... next thing they will want is to find out if parts are still under warranty...ITS ONLY 66...lol it should have been replaced twice based on age alone.. 30 yrs is past average replacement age...66 is some CHEAP EX owners..i highly doubt it is in good safe usable condition at 66..
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    Boiler broken 4mos following sale despite seller's certificate of perfect health

    you bought a house with a 56yr old boiler and wondering why there are issues with it... ? guess you never hired an inspector prior to purchase ? as to no corrosion on a 56 yr old boiler... hogwash.. take the deal-pay for the parts and take the free labor...and hope you get some use out of it...
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    I purchased a car and was sold the wrong year. What are the next steps in making them take it back?

    It’s not my fault that I have this vehicle. It’s theirs err.... did they NOT PAY ATTENTION to what you were buying ???? did they force you somehow ??? was it Russian collusion ? is it trumps fault ??? of course you sat in it since you have a leg issue ???
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    Not sure how to get info on someone who was arrested for vandalizing my car.

    since you have the case number, have you tried ordering a copy of it from the police ? it should be an available public record
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    Ticket has two speeding descriptions. Which will the court or judge recognize?

    and possibly saved points on license , in pa 5 mph speeding or less is a fine only , over 5 mph carries points..he gave you a break in my opinion
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    Can the USPS be held accountable financially for losing my paychecks?

    perhaps an authorized person to pick them up for you ?
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    Cannot Get an Answer on DL Restorarion

    you are at the mercy of one of the most inept government agencies in pa.. enjoy your wait/efforts to clean up your self generated mess..good luck
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    Vehicle abandonment

    see about a purchase off the lien holder
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