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    Dog bites another Dog in California.

    Such a pet peeve of mine!! No pun intended, lol. I have a dog who dislikes most other dogs, and who gets very upset when other dogs charge up to him. I've lost count of the number of times various loose dogs in our neighborhood have come after my leashed dog while we are on walks. Some owners...
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    SSI Appeal

    Just wanted to add an update: My brother found out this week that he's approved for SSI. Finally! Over a year after his stroke.
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    Discovery in Divorce

    I don't understand how they haven't been permanently disbarred by now. I know someone who is going through a divorce right now in Ohio, and her ex is being represented by the Staffords. Her attorney dropped her after finding that out.
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    Discovery in Divorce

    Here you go: https://m.clevescene.com/cleveland/monsters-of-misery-court/Content?oid=1494588 First thing that popped into my head when I thought of Ohio divorce attorneys who are snakes.
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    SSI Appeal

    Thank you. That's what I thought. I appreciate your help.
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    SSI Appeal

    Thank you Janke. I'm going to give them a call this week. Yes, his SSDI application was denied. The SSA has his date last insured as in 2013. They said they could not find any medical proof that he was disabled prior to that date. He's been unemployed since 2008 due to his schizophrenia, and...
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    SSI Appeal

    Thank you Janke, I appreciate the response. I had a lot of issues with the SSA and those darn authorized rep forms. One customer service rep would tell me they didn't have them on file and wouldn't give me info. Then another would say they did have them. I had my brother sign a new set of forms...
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    SSI Appeal

    Thank you. I wasn't aware of that.
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    SSI Appeal

    He's on long term care Medicaid.
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    SSI Appeal

    Hoping Janke will see this and reply. My brother is still at the nursing facility, nearly a year since his stroke last March. He's been in and out of the hospital for various ailments, along with hospitalization for a major psychotic episodes. Still wheelchair bound, with virtually no use of his...
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    Forced to USE PTO?

    I work in a unionized government job. If we use sick time during an overtime week, any equivalent amount of overtime is paid at straight time. If we take pre scheduled vacation time, any overtime is still paid at time and a half. Now, for non unionized employees at my employer, using vacation...
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    Not able to see my disabled cousin

    I would think the probate court in the county where the cousin resides or was residing at the time she was placed in the facility would have records of any guardianship filed.
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    I'm wondering if snowman or his wife even have garnishable income. Someone mentioned he is in his 70s. If he and his wife are solely living off Social Security, then what could creditors even take if they sue? Social Security cannot be garnished for medical bills or credit card debt. I know...
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    Caregivers are not taking care of the patients. Too busy on their cell phones.

    Absolutely. My daughter worked as a dietary aide in a hospital, and dealt with a lot of verbal abuse from patients. As well as once having an angry patient throw something at her, coming close to striking my daughter in the head. She works at an upscale assisted living facility now, also as a...
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    401k Vesting

    I used to work for the national offices of a church. The employer contributed the equivalent of 15% of each employee's income to a pension fund. Employees were fully vested from the day of hire. BUT the catch was that if you left employment, you could not withdraw the funds unless they were...

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