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    Custodial Parent unemployed deliberately

    Are any of the above programs time limited? No, although some states require adults without dependent children to meet certain work requirements (or meet an exemption) to get SNAP. And cash welfare (TANF) of course is time limited to 60 months in a lifetime, with some states setting lower...
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    Custodial Parent unemployed deliberately

    Possibly any or all of the following. Section 8 or other subsidized housing. SNAP/food stamps. Medicaid. HEAP/PIPP. WIC, if any of the kids are 5 years old or younger. Free or reduced price school lunches for the kids. Many people would be worse off with say, a $15 an hour full time job, and...
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    Legal to give OK sign to cops?

    And my African American husband has to deal with daily slights and sometimes outright racism at work, as one of the few black people at his job, and the only one in his department. All courtesy of middle aged, middle class, conservative Christian white men. Nothing like hearing one of those...
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    Crazy Idea - remove the doors

    Found a link to the article, if it's ok to post: Judge orders notorious Cleveland landlords to pay $4 million to female tenants (photos, video) https://www.cleveland.com/metro/2016/01/judge_finds_that_notorious_cle.html?outputType=amp
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    Crazy Idea - remove the doors

    There were two slumlords in Cleveland (brothers) who entered a tenant's apartment and stole a box with her children's baby photos, and took one shoe from each pair they found in the home. Among other atrocious things they did to multiple tenants. True story. There were a number of news articles...
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    Beneficiary changed after death

    Is it possible that the retirement fund did not allow someone other than the spouse to be appointed as a beneficiary without written consent of the spouse? I have a pension fund with a previous employer where that applies, as it also does with my government pension fund with my current employer. .
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    law about district attendance officer visiting home in NJ

    Well, when I moved into my current home, I had to provide the school district with not just a lease and a utility bill, but also a voter registration record with my new address and a state ID or driver's license with my new address. Plus I had to complete extra paperwork AND get approval from...
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    law about district attendance officer visiting home in NJ

    Yep. I rent a house in a suburban school district, and have a child in public high school. I have to provide a copy of my lease to the school district every year, to prove I still live there.
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    House into husband’s family trust

    If your husband isn't currently employed, why can't he watch the 3 year old during the day while you work? A nurse should also have the option to work night shift A 3 year old is old enough for preschool as well.
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    Contest Winnings, Self-Employment Income, and Illinois Medicaid

    Interesting! I'm a Medicaid caseworker in Ohio. We are instructed to allow clients to self attest that they have zero income. We check our various databases for income, and if nothing shows up, we're to assume they don't have any income. No doubt some work under the table or are earn money...
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    Benefits while under someone else's roof?

    You're right, I completely missed that part about her living in NY now.
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    Benefits while under someone else's roof?

    Medicaid is not going to take your household income into account, unless you claim her on your taxes as a dependent. Is Indiana a Medicaid expansion state under the ACA though? If not, the eligibility requirements for Medicaid may be much more strict. As far as food stamps, whether she can get...
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    Child Support when potential NCP is disabled

    It's not uncommon or non allowable for someone to have both private health insurance and Medicaid. Medicaid is always considered secondary insurance. So the private health insurance will pay out first on any claims, and then Medicaid will cover any remaining balance.
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    How does one explain a separation due to non-disciplinary reasons to a future employer?

    I would take their claim that they won't contest unemployment with a grain of salt. I was laid off from a job a few years back. My position was eliminated. My supervisor gave me a letter stating I was being laid off. I was given severance pay. She also stated the organization would not contest...
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    Can nursing home take my house?

    I'm an Ohio Medicaid caseworker. The nursing home cannot "take" your house or sell it. However, the house can be subject to Medicaid estate recovery once your partner dies, assuming he receives Medicaid to pay for his nursing home stay. You can contact the Ohio attorney general's estate...
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