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    Not able to see my disabled cousin

    I would think the probate court in the county where the cousin resides or was residing at the time she was placed in the facility would have records of any guardianship filed.
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    I'm wondering if snowman or his wife even have garnishable income. Someone mentioned he is in his 70s. If he and his wife are solely living off Social Security, then what could creditors even take if they sue? Social Security cannot be garnished for medical bills or credit card debt. I know...
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    Caregivers are not taking care of the patients. Too busy on their cell phones.

    Absolutely. My daughter worked as a dietary aide in a hospital, and dealt with a lot of verbal abuse from patients. As well as once having an angry patient throw something at her, coming close to striking my daughter in the head. She works at an upscale assisted living facility now, also as a...
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    401k Vesting

    I used to work for the national offices of a church. The employer contributed the equivalent of 15% of each employee's income to a pension fund. Employees were fully vested from the day of hire. BUT the catch was that if you left employment, you could not withdraw the funds unless they were...
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    Troubles at the chicken plant

    We have a relatively low cost of living here in Ohio. Lincoln Electric, a manufacturing employer in the Cleveland area, hires for piecework jobs, and people who are willing to work hard there can earn quite substantial incomes, in addition to large annual bonuses.
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    Need answers

    This is not legal advice, but rather personal advice. I also grew up in an extremely dysfunctional home. I moved out when I was 21. My husband (then boyfriend), 19 year old sister and I shared an apartment. My husband and I had been dating for 3 years before moving in together. He and my...
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    SSI Appeal

    Well, I tried calling the SSA twice this morning. I surprisingly didn't have to wait to speak to someone. They would not give me any information because they said I'm not on file as a rep payee. My brother had signed the authorized rep form when we filed the initial application in March, and I...
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    SSI Appeal

    Good points, thank you. It does sound like it would be helpful if we could get him approved for SSDI eventually. I'll post back once I'm able to speak to someone at the SSA.
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    SSI Appeal

    Thank you Janke, that is very helpful. I will try to give the SSA a call this week. I'm not so worried about the SSDI claim as much as the SSI one. My brother only worked at low paying jobs when he was employed, so I doubt SSDI would pay him much more than SSI. I believe the most he ever earned...
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    SSI Appeal

    Than Thank you so much, Janke. The heading of the letter just says "Social Security Notice" followed by "Disability Insurance Benefits". No mention of SSI. I will appeal in the meantime, and hopefully we get a second, favorable decision on SSI.
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    SSI Appeal

    Oh, I forgot to mention that my brother had also applied for SSDI back in 2009 I believe it was. He was denied because he refused to go to an evaluation appointment with a doctor appointed by the SSA. He said he went to an appointment with a SSA doctor and a SSA psychiatrist this time.
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    SSI Appeal

    Hi janke, Thank you so much for replying! I had initially applied online for my brother about a week after his stroke in March. He was denied for SSDI for not having enough work credits in the past 10 years, which I assumed would happen. But I thought they would then review his eligibility for...
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    SSI Appeal

    Thank you.
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    SSI Appeal

    Thanks, but I know there's several people here who are very knowledgeable about Social Security so I thought I wouldn't hurt to ask here first.
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    SSI Appeal

    What is the name of your state? Ohio Hello all, My 47 year old brother was recently denied for SSI and I have a question about the appeals process. My sister and I are his authorized representatives with the SSA. He has a long history of severe mental illness, for which he had received...

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