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    Does the fact that my lease states that part of the deposit is nonrefundable mean that I the contract is null and void?

    No. If its illegal in your state to have a non refundable deposit, then only that part of the lease would be unenforceable. The the rest of the lease would be completely enforceable.
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    Apartment management says I owe for charges I don't upon move-out. Won't explain or contact me

    I doubt that a notice to vacate that is send by e-mail is sufficient unless it is acknowledged by the recipient. Does your lease require you to give written notice?
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    Apartment management says I owe for charges I don't upon move-out. Won't explain or contact me

    I believe the OP did not pay his final utilities nor did the OP give proper notice under Texas law. I also do not believe that the OP is being charged for damages to the unit.
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    Verbal agreement about family owned property

    Any agreement for the sale or transfer of real property MUST be in writing.
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    Leaks in Apartment

    Texas Property Code sections 92.052 through 92.061 describe your right to repairs. It also explains what tenants must do to enforce their rights. It also explains what remedies are available for a tenant if the landlord fails to make the repairs. It also explains that tenants must give proper...
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    Gate remote fee

    Its not illegal. If you do not like the terms of the lease, don't sign the lease.
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    Changing locks

    You have the right to change the locks as long as you give her a new key.
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    Marijuana in my apartment

    "I know it's not medical marijuana" How do you know this if you can not even identify which apartment(s) the smoke is coming from?
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    Crazy Landlord trying to evict me.

    Why would she include an "incorrect rent amount", if you did not owe rent? Sounds like your being evicted for failure to pay rent and as such, are not afforded a 30 day notice.
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    Eviction process

    Being a landlord in New York is a learning process. Laws change every time that we get a new governor or a new mayor. Don't blame the poster. New York laws are very effed up with city laws and state laws being so different and changing so often.
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    Held at gunpoint in apartment complex-apartment didnt even know about it next day

    The leasing manager is correct. Crime can happen anywhere. Heck, I got robbed at Disney World a few years ago...in broad daylight...with secuity guards and cameras everywhere. Does you lease address security? What exact " legal rights" are you looking for?
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    Landlord taking my SD to pay water bill

    Lol...I've been a landlord for 40 years and have never even heard of a "dye test" nor would should I be expected to do such a test without knowing that there may be a problem. I do expect my tenants to inform me of any potential problems or repairs.
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    Landlord taking my SD to pay water bill

    Even if the landlord did quarterly inspections, he would have not of heard or seen the leak. Are you saying that the landlord should do monthly inspections?
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    Landlord taking my SD to pay water bill

    A tenant has a duty to timely inform the landlord of some defect with the rental property. Since you, not the landlord, live in the rental, presumably you would be the one to know about a water. I find it incredibly hard to believe that you didn't hear the toilet running.
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    Landlord/tenant dispute regarding emotional support animal (ESA)

    FYI...not all landlords are required to accept ESA's.

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