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  1. ShyCat

    Question about car title after death

    The POA expired upon death of your mother-in-law.
  2. ShyCat

    Money transfers with my wife

    What is it with Florida and fraudulent transfers to avoid judgments? This is at least the third or fourth such posting. :cautious:
  3. ShyCat

    Interests on the loans to my son and wife

    You "loaned out" all the money you ever earned in your life? Gee, that's not suspicious. :cautious:
  4. ShyCat

    Items that should be submitted are stolen

    With reasonable skepticism, one hopes. :cautious:
  5. ShyCat

    where do I stand with this

    Based on the programme spelling of that other thread's title, OP is unlikely to be in the US.
  6. ShyCat

    First Time Getting a Speeding Ticket. What's the best course of action?

    I suspect the reluctance to write a check is that someone else on the account will then find out.:sneaky:
  7. ShyCat

    Inhumsne treatment of an animal

    If you're required to provide shelter, then that's what you do even if she doesn't want to use it. I haven't looked but I doubt the law says "provide adequate shelter unless the dog doesn't want to use it".
  8. ShyCat

    Hit by drunk driver in a company rental

    You'll have to pay the deductible you chose for collision coverage, but your insurance company will return that to you when they collect it from the at-fault driver/insurance.
  9. ShyCat

    Auto repairs

    And no answers from the OP. Guess it was just a rant. :sneaky:
  10. ShyCat

    Auto repairs

    What state?
  11. ShyCat

    How do you determine the capital gains amount on the sale of a non-primary residence house

    Since the children received the house as a gift rather than an inheritance, there is no step up in basis. Their basis in the house is the same as their parents (i.e., $40,000 plus any capital improvements). Capital gains is not reduced by any mortgage payoff. For a simplified example, if...
  12. ShyCat

    Who pays for roof? Selling house...

    Ooooh, the Real Estate agents aren't going to like that! :giggle:
  13. ShyCat

    Military retirement fund

    Spouses will continue to receive a military pension only if the military person selected the Survivor Benefit Program which reduces their pension to provide for surviving spouses. Ex-spouses may be entitled to SBP. If SBP was not selected upon retirement, the pension ends when the retired...

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