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  1. TigerD

    How many hours is a Full Time Equivalent Employee under the CARES Act?

    I asked that too. I counted part timers and since they are going off of the 941s, it is clear that the part-timers are part-timers.
  2. TigerD

    How many hours is a Full Time Equivalent Employee under the CARES Act?

    I don't believe that is relevant. It is jobs and continuing the rate of pay. We just completed our paperwork and I had to provide all of last years 941s and our 940, along with a monthly payroll summary per employee. It was rather involved. Fortunately, we didn't have a lot going on after I got...
  3. TigerD

    Judgment creditor is pulling my son although he is not involved in lawsuit

    Your situation is too technical for an internet forum. You need to talk to an attorney in your state and provide all the relevant information to get an accurate opinion. TD
  4. TigerD

    I was purposely put on a bed with bed bugs, I know gross!

    Thank you for sharing. What is your legal question?
  5. TigerD

    Curioisity hit me.

    The most possible outcome for this situation as it relates to you is: He is subject to warrantless searches. Something will eventually be found during such a search. You will find yourself facing charges/eviction/loss of your job/humiliation/and other such consequences. Your boyfriend is not...
  6. TigerD

    arraigned without consent

    The judge is not going to "help" you with an appeal from the PD's decision. The judge will have to evaluate whether or not the PD followed Chapter 600 in your denial. That said, circumstances have changed since your denial - you have lost your job. That may well merit a re-application for...
  7. TigerD

    Pre-legal notification

    It is fine. If the OP doesn't agree to paying, they may forward the account to an attorney. Of course, they may not. TD
  8. TigerD

    Cable issue

    Landlords rarely spend money they don't have to spend. Removing and replacing lines is expensive. What does your lease say about the service? What does the cable company say?
  9. TigerD

    My 14 yr old son expelled indefintly from all schools in. The state of Nevada , is that even leagal ? Do i have a case of discrimination?

    OP: You may not be comprehending the questions asked of you. You absolutely need an attorney. TD
  10. TigerD

    Rate lock expires and seller don't want to close before that

    Quoted because I couldn't like it twice.
  11. TigerD

    If I'm respondent how do i finalize divorce when my response was was stricken from record 5yrs ago

    I'm not sure he can file. There is currently a case ongoing. He needs to hire an attorney. TD
  12. TigerD

    Registering 2 rental properties under an LLC to get a collateral on the LLC

    Not necessarily. Non-recourse loans are done all the time.
  13. TigerD

    attornies legal obligation when he subcontracts out to another attorney

    But I don't do it on a cell phone. Wow. Sorry about the typos. TD
  14. TigerD

    attornies legal obligation when he subcontracts out to another attorney

    His patients didn't complain either. Yes, I use contract attorneys that pick up some research and writing slack for me. They are also used for doc review and discovery review on complex cases. It in my fee agreement and the client is billed $175 an hour for their work. The alternative is that...

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