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    No posted signs when parked in evening; signs installed overnight/next morning - ticketed/towed by Noon

    It's gonna take a FOIA request. A phone call won't get you anywhere but frustrated.
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    USPS/Road Construction

    A project of this scope does not just materialize out of thin air. There had to have been plans by some engineering group - whether it belongs to the local government or for hire. There had to have been meetings to discuss the project (internal and public). There had to have been Finance...
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    Voluntary Reposession

    Based on this, you may not really owe them anything. Ask for a full accounting of the loan, legal fees, repo costs, and anything else they tried to charge you with. If you still owed more than the car drew at auction, they would have sent you a bill, not a check.
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    Tenant Below Built-In AC Torture - Help Please

    Here you go. About $9.00 will solve all your issues. If they're rated for industrial use, I'd wager they'll isolate the vibrations from that little old A/C. https://www.grainger.com/product/5C027?cm_mmc=PPC
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    Tenant Below Built-In AC Torture - Help Please

    Use rubber feet of some sort to isolate your bed from the floor. And really, torture? I've literally told you people a million times - no exaggerating.
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    Why did my credit score drop so much so fast?

    Fair example, but DTI doesn't come into play with a credit score. Only your accounts (open, closed, charged off, collections, etc.), public, records, high balance, pay history, and utilization are considered in the formulas. "Your income is not included in your credit report, so your DTI never...
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    Neglecting maintenance obligations from a city ordinance

    I'll second this. Here at the city government office where I work, people who are friendly and respectful get pretty much anything we're able to give them. People who come in acting like they have an agenda get a blank FOIA request, where they have to be very specific on what they are looking for.
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    Car dealership won't pay balance on trade-in vehicle

    Zigner is correct, it's your loan, you need to pay on it until the dealership pays it off. Here's a question for you - Have you received anything regarding your NEW loan? It is common for a dealer to not pay off a trade until the new deal has been funded by your new lender.
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    Objective Truth vs. Personal Opinion

    The OP can go to change.org and petition his congressman to propose the addition to the legislation.
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    Disclosure by seller

    What is the name of your state (only U.S. law)? Illinois I have been reading here for a while, and have a question about a situation my mom has. This is not a homework assignment, it’s a real life situation. My mom bought a rental house just over a year ago. It was $1,200 shy of a full...
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