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    No raise after getting promoted.

    Damn, so the whole concept of medians is false?
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    No raise after getting promoted.

    Just like any business sector, half of them are below average.
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    No raise after getting promoted.

    Perhaps in general, but there are some great companies in that space, just like any other.
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    Compelling a defamation lawsuit, intentionally

    You'd gain more by spending the energy on getting past those that harmed you at this point, IMO. You're allowing them to steal moments of your life every day.
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    How much time am i looking at for escape from halfway house?

    From your record, it's pretty clear that you suck at crime. You may want to consider doing something else going forward.
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    Michigan Governor bans sale of gardening items

    Like a lower case Cuomo, she's been late to the party at every step. One needs only to look at her neighbor to the south for lessons in how to handle a crisis like this one.
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    May officers detain visitors during probation searches?

    Heard this compared to having peeing and non-peeing sections of a swimming pool.
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    401k Vesting

    Isn't a plan without a vesting period pretty uncommon?
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    Is texting the grubhub automated system automated system terroristic threat here?

    "Naturally, I started messing with it. " What's "natural" about being the north end of a southbound horse for no reason?
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    City Opened a Utility Account without Permission

    My larger concern would be what they are going to bill you even if your usage is zero.
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    I would argue the standard is different between knows and suspects for a lot of "criminal activity"
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    Getting payed when not working

    This. The best time to have done so would have been the first business day after receiving the first payment. The second best time would be today.
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    California AB-5 law for independent contractors went into effect Jan 1

    I apologize if links aren't allowed, but a good article on the seeming randomness of the law: https://www.sacbee.com/opinion/california-forum/article238511743.html
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    California AB-5 law for independent contractors went into effect Jan 1

    Thank you. This was my larger point. Nearly every law passed has positive and negative consequences. The idea that a functioning human being can't be trusted to make the call for him or her self whether they are being "abused" and need protected from a 2nd income by people who believe they can...

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