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10 goto 20; 20 goto 10

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Senior Member
I'm really writing to davew128 and LdiJ and am not really looking for an answer. This is just a barbaric yalp. I only post it in general in case some dum..."client" goes to the same place.

Q: I don't have my stuff ready, but when can I come in?

A: All appointments are full. Send it in, we can handle it as long as we get it before April.

Q: I don't think I can get you the information before April.

A: Then, I suggest we put you on extension.

Q: I don't want to go on extension.

A: Then, get us the information before April 1st.

Q: I don't think I can get it in before then.

A: I suggest we put you on extension.

Q: I don't want to go on extension.

A: Get us all the information by April 1st.

Q: I can't get you the information by then.

A: I suggest we put you on extension.

Q: I don't want to go in extension.

Now, I can argue that going on extension is not a problem. I can argue that I have a TON of files that require a LOT of work and that I have all the information already in. I can argue, this particular client is really quite minor and that if he stays or if he goes really is not going to make more than a statistical difference to the bottom line. But, I suck it up and say:

Then, get your information in by April 1st.

That does not make him happy. That he is unhappy does not make me happy. I don't know if it is because I am nearing retirement that I believe this tax thing can be easier. Yet, when I know how people think and how their activities interact; I know it will really never happen.


Senior Member
Never argue with an idiot. Logic and common sense have no meaning to them. You cannot win.

Your conversation should have been:

You; Have your stuff in by April 1.

Them: can't

You: then you need to file for an extension.

Them: don't want to

You: there is no door #3. call us back if you change your mind. Have s great day, goodbye. "Click"


Senior Member
On my facebook page I started a blog called "My Clients are Morons". Some of the things that you see and hear from people in this business...it leaves me wondering how we survive as a species.

Example from about two months ago.

Client is in collections after being audited and losing (big time...something about no documentation to support expenses on their self prepared return). Collections has now sent a notice of intent to levy. Needless to say this is a BAD thing for people who survive on disability and barely make any money in their business. I email a power of attorney to the husband instructing him and his wife to sign them and return them to me so I can fight the levy action. Straightforward, right?

Week later, client shows up in my office and says he's here to sign the POA. I ask what happened to the form I emailed to you? He tells me he doesn't know how to print it from his phone.....

Uhh, so...where's your wife? She needs to sign one too. Tells me she's home sick. Now he has to drive 30 miles home to bring her the form to sign....and he comes back a week later with it.

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