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19mph over = $1058.00 speeding ticket??

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What is the name of your state? New York

I was in upstate New York (im from PA), Passing some people doing 75 in a 65 zone. I noticed that a blue pickup was barreling down on me so I wanted to get over into the slow lane before he came up on me. So I (stupidly) accelerated to 83MPH in order to get over in the slow lane. By this time the guy was right on me and as we rounded the corner I seen a patrol car.

Long story short, I plead guilty and now I got the fine amount in the mail.
$1058.00. Im thinking this has to be a typo or some kind of mistake. I was doing 19 over the limit, and wherever I check this seems to average about 150-300 dollar fine. I wasnt in any construction zone or anything like that so whats up? Did they make a mistake? Heck, I dont even make this much in a month and now I have 15 days to pay it!


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I should also add that it appears PA wont put any points on my record, however would my lisence still be suspended (as it says it will, by the NY DMV) if I dont pay this fine? I ask this because I live in PA and I dont plan on going back to NY ever due to this.
Ouch, sorry to see you get hit so hard. Check out this link for New York Traffic Tickets info.

1) This is a good example why it is almost never in anybody's best interest to plead guilty to any ticket, Especially without knowing the consequences.

2) Check with the DMV to see if this is a mistake, from the above, the penalty should be no more than $300 (plus court costs). Your penalty is greater than for a first DWI so it does sound way out of line but nothing would surprise me now days. Your insurance will probably go up significantly also so this is not the end of the expenses.

3) Absolutely do not ignore the conviction. Doing so will cause you significant problems in the future. (Scan some of the messages here for examples) Most courts will allow you a payment plan if need is demonstrated.

4) A good lawyer may be able to have your guilty plea vacated and the matter set down for Trial or Conference. Talk to one to find out.
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Just an update, I called the court office and got ahold of someone finally. The guy agreed that its really high, and its most likely a mistake. He asked that I call back tommorow, when the judge who issued it is in. So im hoping its 158$ instead of 1058...Though if thats the case it seems kinda suspicious. What exactly would they do if I had sent the 1058 and it was a 158 dollar fine? Keep the money and build the town a new bridge? :p


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Well it was all a mistake...WHEW! That is such a load off :) I got in touch with the Judge who started laughing when I told her the amount. She was VERY kind and apologetic, so no worries. It turns out that its only 155! Woo hoo! Thanks for the advice though, Great forum!
Nice to see it worked out OK Biff21.

It is still a 3pt ticket so you might want to assess the impact before just paying and see if Driving school or something else is a option.

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